Hi music lovers! Before you start guessing,
I want to congratulate all students and students starting school
of the year! Like if you’re waiting
next summer vacation! Also watch this video
to the very end where are you get the most enjoyable
your homework of life! Go…! White roses, yellow tulips
and Siberian frosts, of course this is a hit from Dima Bilan
“About white roses.” This nostalgic song
dedicated to the hits of the nineties, appeared on July 10th of this
years and on the first day has collected millions of plays! The second riddle is hot
new music from the charming Julianne
Karaulova, “Dancing on the Nerves.” The track was presented on September 4,
and in the video for him Julianne performed in a double image
luxurious, sexy blondes and brunettes. In general, the track and the clip are just
fire, I recommend it to everyone and a reference in the description! The third riddle is youth
hit from rapper GOODY called “Panamera”. This track with meaning dedicated
a popular car from Porsche, appeared this summer
and it turned out to be very soulful. I think for the bees only,
you could find out super bee hit by RASA “The Beekeeper”. This fiery track,
coming out in early July, quickly became popular and pretty
often sounds on the air of radio stations. I hope you could guess
what is it gaining popularity hit “Girl in Trend”
by Miko. The song was released in early July
and dedicated to all the girls from musical social
TikTok networks. Sixth riddle, it’s loved
million fit eljay with european pop star
Era Istrefi “Sayonara Baby”. In the track, the rapper smashes
heart to the girl who laid too big on him
hopes, and Era fulfills Chorus in English. The seventh riddle is dedicated
new purchase and part-time new track from MORGENSHTERN
The New Merin. Recently, the rapper reported that
leaves YouTube, however everything decided to return with a new
song and clip. Too much purple
colors, well of course it’s joint single duet
RASA with Ukrainian hip-hop project Kavabanga Depo Kolibri “Violet.” Joint novelty released
in April of this year and soaked party atmosphere
and dancing until the morning. And now the promised DZ! Look carefully at
these two pictures and be sure write in the comments which
we made a song! Randomly 20 people who
correctly guess get opportunity guaranteed
get into our next roller! Well, here is the list
winners of the last issue! And I was with you Ilya and the channel
MUSIC CLUB! If you like the video,
like and be sure subscribe to our music
club! And also activate the bell,
so as not to miss a new release!





  2. ти пра ету псню дал дамашку Монеточка – Каждый раз (Пародия by Тилэкс)?

  3. Бодяга, привет ждем от тебя обзор ты виграешь ми в тебя верим

  4. В конце сердцеедка потому что сердце девушка как будто ест

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