【MUKBANG】[Thank You] Received A Lot Of Sweets & Snacks! Honey Butter Chip,Popcorn..etc[CC Available]

Hello its Kinoshita Yuka
(English subtitles by ~Me~) So today! tadaa everything you see here is from Korea
apparently a bunch of my Korean fans got together to send me all of what you see here
OMG I can’t even… you guys… they sent me 3 huge boxes and I can’t even fit what
you all sent me on this table just look at the abundance that is in front of me here
I think I have about 5X more stuff off camera here Thank you so much you guys
you guys make me the happiest ever.. I would love to eat all this on camera for you guys but…
~ well I know I could eat it no probs ~ it might be a bit difficult to capture eating all of this on
camera so I’ll choose a few things and eat them what to eat though….
I don’t know where to start here itadakimasu
this has really caught my eye its a honey ‘saki ika’ it says its a ‘saki ika’ (dried squid) made with honey!!!
well ain’t that something new and different it does smell like honey!
it looks like this …. sort of looks like marmelade mmm delish you can taste a bit of butter and its very sweet next is this…. look there is a giant box of them here
are these like a ‘manju’ (sweet bun) looks like this mm inside a manju it contains a bit of mochi tadaa this is bacon chips
and on here there is a little note apparently they knew how much I loved bacon
they picked this out especially for me it smells something like BBQ
look it even sort of looks like bacon as well delish! its so tasty and has that smoky bacon flavor tadaa this is cream cheese popcorn
lets give it a taste tastes of cheese with a hint of sweetness
next is this cheese cracker looks so delish
there’s so much cheesy snacks here did they pick these out knowing I love cheese I wonder?
this is what they look like its got a slightly sweet cheese cream flavor to it
and it goes so nicely with the salty cracker is this a cake? it has a pic of cheese on it as well
there’s this many varieties of snacks over there omg I don’t think I’ve eaten this many kinds of
Japanese snacks before it is a cake its like a baked cheesecake feel to it
its cooked perfectly and tastes delish next is this a choco biscuit
I’ve been sent this from another korean viewer before are these a real popular snack I wonder?
there are so many in a single box, it feels like a great value they look like this the cookie is loaded with delish chocolate
tadaa this is a purple potato chip sweet with a slight salty finish is what it says
I know I’m gonna love this wow.. for reals its so purple mmm so delish
we have sliced potato chips here in japan but we don’t have many things like this were they’ve
crushed and flattened potatoes like this they’re so crunchy and delish it says that this is a taiwanese snack
I’ve had a taiwanese viewer send me one of these before I even made it into a video
this is a famous snack its a cracker with cream in it
its got a bit of onion on it oh wait the cream in this is different from the one before
is this a cream or caramel? its sort of like a hardened caramel like syrup I’ve had a chance to try that hardened syrupy candy
before from Taiwan its both salty and sweet… so delish next is this it looks like a choco pie
looks like this cream filled choco cake
such a tasty choco cake next is this some honey butter chips
apparently this was quite popular for a time I’ve tried this on my second channel I
TOTES LOVE THIS !! this just might be the third time a Korean viewer
has sent this to me it was crazy popular over there in Korea
the manufacturer is Calbee… I want them to sell these here inside it looks like this without a doubt honey and butter are a perfect pairing
and then you got that potatoey flavor… I can’t stop eating these these are cheese chips
the cheese looks so rich the cheese flavor is strong and despite being a bit thicker
its very nice and light to eat its so delish tadaa this is so Kawaii are these fish shaped cakes? look at how KAWAII these guys are
its like a ‘Tai Yaki’ made overseas there are black bits inside oh there is choco and some sort of mochi like thing
inside of it do Koreans have a lot of snacks with mochi
inside of them I wonder? guys look! these are so tiny…. can you see them?
these are so Kawaii!! a viewer made these stickers you guys are so talented!
next is a cheese cracker they sent me all the cheezy things
I love everything cheesy this is what it looks like a slightly reddish cheese
cookie the cracker itself is slightly sweet but
its salty and so delish the cheese cream inside goes great with this I think these are cookies
I thought these were cookies but I was mistaken look its so beautifully drawn
and inside is…. tadaa
I think these are called ? ? they’re so KAwaii they made little mochikos
you guys are so talented its soooo Kawaii
I’m so happy RN these are so tough to make!!
I feel so happy K, choco chip cookies
its packed with bits of choco it looks so delish its a softer sort of cookie
its so packed with delish chocolate bits this is a candle so KAWAII
is it handmade?? hmm I wonder… I was unable to show you guys everthing all at once
everything was so delish and I loved everything you sent me I feel so blessed right now
it makes me so sad that there are so many things here that are yet to be opened and it makes me so sad
but everything you sent me was so delicious gochisosamadeshita
and I’ll take my time to enjoy the snacks I opened up today it was so full of letters you guys sent me and they
were all written in Japanese I kept feeling “I can only write Japanese, you guys are
all so amazing” thank you for sending me your warmest of thoughts
it really cheered me up and to all of you that are always watching
and to those of you who sent me all this from Korea
I want to Truly Thank you all and all of you who are watching, be you from Japan
or any other country in the world… I want to
Truly thank you all… you guys make me so happy for all of you guys who have made it a habit to watch
my vids or those viewers who have had troubles in their day but who say they watch my vids to cheer them up
or those viewers who eat vicariously through me I read all your comments and they all make me so happy
Thank you all so much for all your kind words and thoughts you leave me on Twitter or in the YT comment section
I’m truly living a blessed life thank you each and every one of you
I look forward to bring you more and more content everything here tasted so amazing
everyone if you ever get a chance to try some Korean snacks won’t you please give them a try?
and as always thanks for watching and if you liked this video please hit the like and sub button BAI BAI


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  13. 진짜 이렇게 먹방을 흡족하고 재미있게 보니까 정말 좋아요! 언제나 재미있능 영상 감사해요!

  14. 구독자 숫자가 어마어마 하네요.인기 BJ를 넘어선  웬만한 톱스타 수준. 살 안찌는 체질 진짜 부럽더라

  15. 냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥냥

  16. 새우깡이나 빼빼로 고래밥 초코송이 같은 표절과자 안보내서 다행이네요… 몇년전에 잠실쪽 슈퍼에서 10대 일본 관광객이  같이온 친구들끼리 표절과자 들고 낄낄 웃는거 본적이 있어서…

  17. 일본어를 전혀 모르는 한국사람이라 한글로 댓글을 쓰지만 영상 마지막에 하시는 말씀을 듣고 뭔가 뭉클했네요 ㅠㅠ따뜻한 분이신거 같아요. 행복한걸 감사할줄 아는게 그리 쉬운게 아니니까요! 잘보고 갑니다! 감사해요~

  18. 이마트 홈플러스 롯데마트 다 털어서 맛있는거 다 사서 보내주고싶다 유우카상 너무 사랑스러워요..ㅠㅠ

  19. 私がプレゼントを贈ったのではないが,本当においしく食べてくださった木下ゆうかさんと,プレゼントを送ってくださった購読者の方,本当にありがとうございます

  20. 良かったねぇ〜


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