🐝 Inside a Beehive for 3 Hours of Relaxing Beehive Sounds as Background Noise

Hey Everyone! For this weeks relaxing sounds video We are going to record the sites and sounds from within a beehive! The Russians have actually developed bee sleep therapy Where they have specially built chambers that you can sleep in with beehives all around you. Now the bees can’t get to you But they have found the sounds and energy from the bees to be very therapeutic. So what we are going to do Split this have in half, and put this space between the two hive bodies Then we are going to put my Go Pro hero 7 inside To record the inside of the beehive. Thus inside a beehive ! Comment down below and let me know what you think of this. I hope you find this relaxing, here we go!


  1. With all the bees in there it sounds almost like the inside of an air conditioner with leaves or something floating around

  2. Doesn't do it for me, it's close though, I imagine it would be the bees knees for some people. 😉 A fascinating concept nonetheless. Deserves a like regardless. Just for the effort.

  3. What do you think of the new 3 hour long video format? Comment below and let me know! Along with what you do to outwork a busy bee. For me, I work 6 days a week on my YouTube channel to produce new unique, relaxation sounds that no other channel has!

  4. Honestly this one doesn't really work for me. It makes me a bit anxious actually. But you have made so many videos that I love, it's inevitable that I'll find one that doesn't work. And for someone else this video will probably be amazing. Not every video works for everyone every time. So I'm giving you a like for something new and creative and because I know this video will be great for many people. And because I want to continue to support your channel and keep it visible because so many of your videos have worked for me so well. Thank you Randall and keep up the great work!

  5. Brilliant concept and fascinating to watch. Where is the air conditioning type sound coming from as it seems separate from the buzzing of the bees?
    As master of white noise you have letters after your name: ASMR.
    Keep up the brilliant work.
    I love bees as they bring me closer to the Creator.

  6. Its Interesting. 🐝Like watching them. Very Uniqe work Randall, as always. I will be hanging around for more of those shower/ rain/ water sounds combined with fans. Thats my favorite thing 🤗🥇

  7. Awesome video! I'm like a busy bee when I get into planning mode! When I think about the future and wanna create! Also just when I'm at my day job I buzz around like a bee because I'm a perfectionist lol

  8. I really like this. It's relaxing. Am I crazy or didn't you do a beehive video a few years ago? I definitely remember it, but I am not 100% sure if it was yours. I don't recall it being as good as this one.

  9. I love this video!! I think it's so interesting and it's a perspective not many people ever get to see or hear. I think a live stream of this would be cool. Very intense sound though.

  10. Du überraschst mich jedes Mal. Wieder einmal richtig geile Idee 💡.
    Freu mich immer auf das nächste Video.
    Grüße aus Deutschland/Cologne

  11. Definitely love your creativity and effort so much on this. I just don’t like the sound of bees or any flying insect for that matter, makes me terribly anxious lol! But you do such an amazing job with all your content! Thank you for all your hard work 💙

  12. Definitely gets a thumbs-up or creativity, and the overall humming sound is kinda like an air conditioner, nice til one of those little guys makes his own distinct buzzy noise. Listened for a few, can't watch them as bees freak me out, but genius concept for those that don't mind bees! Now I'm back to your 8 hour motor home ride. That's my current favorite! Keep 'em coming!!!

  13. Fascinating to watch the bees at work but knowing its Bees it'll make me nervous instead of helping me fall asleep! But this idea is creative! 🐝🐝🐝

  14. I did find this relaxing, but as I’m allergic to bees, I am also afraid of them lol… so I had to stop looking at them to get the full effect.

    A very cool idea and very creative.

  15. Wow dude this relaxation bee sound is good I love this idea I can not wate in till the next one keep up the grate work dude u the best

  16. Love the creativity of this one, Randall, but I couldn't get over my anxiety in order to listen to it for very long. The panic sets in…

  17. I woke up this morning to see you next to these bees! You are so creative! I will definitely try this tonight! I never would've thought of this! 🙂😳

  18. Okay I ain't gonna lie this is relaxing thanks Again Randall you do An amazing job you videos are so Relaxing I love it so much it really helps me Relax and study and just listen to it … Good afternoon from Miami Florida 😎🌞

  19. If you listen really carefully, I distinctively heard one of the bees saying "excuse me, pardon me" over and over in the background. Now that's a very polite bee if you ask me. September the 3rd, 2019

  20. Feel like they about to get me and I'm feeling really itchy, not for me but somebody is enjoying this video. Still get likes from me bc you come up with the most creative and thoughtful stuff. Ty.

  21. I have to admit…at first I was apprehensive and skeptical of how this was gonna help knowing it was bees but I left it on in the background and surly enough I'm starting to nod off and and I'm super relaxed 😌….great work Randall!!!! B💤💤💤! Lol

    Sorry, guys. I just had to get that out of my system. Carry on.

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