Hello Friends! Today we will look into 10 interesting gardening
myths, misconceptions and scientific facts like whether we can use grey water or black
water for plants, Does Planting by the Moon affect plant growth and yield?, the biggest
myth on crushed egg shells for plants, talking to your plants to increase growth and yield
and many more interesting facts. Coming up! Before we start, make sure you have subscribed
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useful episode. Now, Lets Begin with the ten common gardening
myths that have been debunked by scientific research. 10.Saplings or seedlings need to be supported
to protect them? True or False? This is False! Many people recommend you to provide support
to these young slender plants due to the risk of wind blowing them and things like that. Unless it’s a strong wind, tying a sapling
or young plant to a support stick or any kind of support will actually do more harm than
good. Research has shown that trees without support,
over a period of time will develop thicker trunks, more supportive roots and more resistance
to breakages. 9.Watering plants on a hot sunny day will
magnify the sunlight through the droplets acting as convex lenses and burn the leaves
badly? True or False? No doubt, watering plants early in the morning
or late in the evening is great! Because less water will evaporate during this
time. This advice to “never water your plants in
full sun” has been followed by generations of gardeners – But! new research has contradicted
this belief that watering in direct sunlight can cause leaves to suffer from “leaf burn”. This theory that water droplets on leaves
can act like mini magnifying lenses, focusing the sun’s rays and causing leaf burn has been
completely disproved by physicists. You can checkout one my older videos on the
causes for this type of leaf burning from a link in description below, but first let’s
complete this video. 8.Talking to You Plants will help them Grow? True or False? People who really love plants and gardening
will often tell you that talking to plants or even music has a beneficial impact on their
overall health and growth. Despite many different scientific studies
on this theory, there’s still no conclusive evidence that talking to plants helps them
grow. One theory says that since plants take up
carbondioxide, and hence talking to plants releases carbon dioxide when we exhale. So, that’s it. 7.Does Potting Mix Cause Legionnaires’ Pneumonia
in Gardeners? True or False? Do not worry! This is not True. Legionnaires’ Pneumonia is a severe form of
pneumonia or lung infection mostly cause by inhaling the bacteria. Though these legionella bacteria survive in
outdoor soil, it rarely causes infections. But still, prevention is better than cure. Better wear a mask while handling potting
mix, specially people with weaker immune systems. 6.Can we Use Grey Water or Black water for
our plants or farming? True or False? Firstly, let’s look at the difference between
grey water and black water. Grey water or sullage water is the waste water
coming out from kitchens, laundries and even bathroom showers. Black water is nothing but sewage water. So can we use these for our plants? Well, this depends on the country you live
in. Many countries ban the use of these untreated
waters and also sewage farming. This is because they contain lot of chemicals,
toxins, heavy metals and bacteria which are harmful for plants and also for humans consuming
the yields produced by such plants. 5.Can Harvested or Collected seeds be stored
in a Refrigerator or Freezer? True or False? This is not correct! Most seeds that are stored in a seed banks
are first dried up so that the moisture content is reduced to about 10 percent and then these
can be stored for several years. But if you freeze freshly collected seeds,
the moisture content in these seeds will form ice crystals within and can destroy the seed
viability. 4.Garlic is the king of Companion gardening? True or False? It’s a fact! Garlic deters pests, including fungus gnats,
moths, spider mites, beetles and even ants. The pungent flavor of garlic is due to sulfur
compounds which are natural fungicides. So companion gardening with garlic planting
is certainly beneficial to your garden. 3.Does Planting by the Moon affect plant growth
and yield? True or False? The idea that the Moon affects plant growth
is an old one that is believed by many people. This is a myth! No study has proven the effect of moon on
plant growth. And the only plants that use moon light for
photosynthesis are certain types of phytoplanktons which are not normally found in gardens. 2.Crumbled egg shells added to soil is a good
source of Calcium? True or False? This is False! Egg shells take many many years to decompose
and release that calcium into the soil and make them available for uptake by plants. Many studies have proven this and have recovered
intact shells after many years of burying them into the soil. However, finely powdered egg shells might
help, but again as a slow release source of calcium. 1.Growing Fruit Trees in Containers is not
possible due to limited space? This is not true. You can grow them but you need little larger
containers or fabric bags like more than 18 or 24 inch. You can watch a detailed episode on the top
ten terrace gardening myths and facts from an end-screen link circled right here. Please like, share and comment below with
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  1. All Gardening Myths Part 1 to 6 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDbr7MQNNIk&list=PLvE-WOB38X7blmKGKN6G9lFGQHjSvStg7
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  2. Many things what you said are true but many things which you said are scientifically proved false are false.

  3. Wowww! Up to this day I still practice the eggshells and the moon method didn't know I was wasting my time. I have a question is it true you must not spray pesticides on the plants when it is sunny

  4. Hello DR.very effective information and excellent explanation, felt so happy for ur research results and efforts. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Dr Sahib Namaskar 🙏💕
    You are and will be considered a different Figure as Gardner,Dr. and Gardening Tips PROVIDER in YOU TUBE Gardening Community, God bless you ever. Wonderful Effort.
    My Best Regards 🌷🙏💕💕💕

  6. Soak eggshells powder in vinegar for 3 days. This releases the calcium from the compound making it readily available for plants

  7. I think (tip 8) that it's the care factor. The plant receives extra attention and care from an individual who spends that extra time with the plant.
    Walnuts need to be frozen for 3 months or so or they won't germinate.
    Eggs shells in desert sand or a dry soil that is infertile will probably take forever to decompose, but I bury it in my fertile soil and it's gone after several months. Eggs shells and small chicken bones disappear after 1 month in my compost tumbler.

  8. I too don't believe in not watering in afternoon. I will rather take risk of leaf burn than depriving the plant of water and causing stress.
    Yes i do believe that talking to plants does give better growth of plants. It's the vibes, if you believe in them. I have heard that somewhere in Africa if a certain tribe want to kill a tree, a group surrounds the tree and curse and abuse it. It kills the tree.
    I have seen a mango tree die, when the person who had grown it died with drowning at Dubai. This tree was here in Mumbai

  9. Egg shells are a good source of calcium! Howewer, not when the gardener thinks of "feeding the plants". Much better is "feeding the soil" approach – it is actually good that shells take years to decompose, slowly feeding the funghi and other microorganisms rather than providing "emergency" nutrients for plants growing in unhealthy soil.

  10. I have done a number of experiments at home that shows planting by the moon works and maybe not talking out loud, but thinking positive thoughts also affects plant growth. Not sure where you got your facts, but I have read many books where these two theories have been verified as having an effect on plants if done. The rest I agree with

  11. Once again High Standard video is produced by Dr and succeeded to maintain status of Number One YouTube Channel of Gardening. Please keep momentum up, Regards

  12. My grandad was a gardener all his life, he always broke up egg shells to put round plants to discourage slugs and snails.

  13. Your videos are an indispensable wealth of information. Thank you for the great gardening tips, I've learned a great deal from your videos and applied them to my backyard raised bed garden.

  14. Hell Friend, I want Your valuable advice advice for this. Can SAAF Fungicide can use on edible Vegetable plants and Fruit Trees. Please kindly find some time to answer my doubt.

  15. "The Secret Life of Plants" scientific documented proof via science.! also essential to be aware of .. "the Findhorn Garden" Hari Krsna!

  16. Freezing the seeds certainly is false. But storing your seeds in a room that is hot will deteriorate the seed viability.

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