15 Facts You Wouldn’t Believe | Weirdest, Bestest, Truest

[Music] hey guys it’s a glass digging up the weirdest bestest truest facts in the universe and we pulled together 15 of our all-time favorites to share with you people have made paper out of all sorts of things like cabbage and wasp nests but the weirdest it’s probably the fact that they used to recover wrappings from Egyptian mummies to make wrapping paper weird but true electricity travels fast if you flipped a switch on earth connected to a lamp on the moon it would light in 1.3 seconds weird but you the light that started drag race are called a Christmas tree weird but true hot water and cold water make different sounds when poured weird but true an engineer discovered that golf balls fight farther if they have dimples we retrieved some volcanic eruptions are so intense they create enlightening weird bachou scientists in England taught bees to play soccer weird but true cow has produced more milk when they listen to soothing music weird the truth if your hair grew as fast as health it will grow to the length of a refrigerator every three days weird the truth there’s a lizard with the ultimate defense when a predator has him by the tail he dispatches it and takes off the tail throws back later weird but true the human brain generates enough electricity to power a light bulb weird but true some fish can change from male to female weird but true there’s a type of eucalyptus tree that has rainbow colored bark weird the true the hair for colonial wigs wasn’t just from humans oh I like the bow in this one I’m not gonna lie it also came from goats horses and yaks horse yak hair help the best curl this is all their age yes [Music] [Music]

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