15 year old farmer has been farming all his life [Hello Counselor / 2017.03.13]

We’ve received many stories about people who are addicted to something. Right. But this is… (It’s a completely different kind of addiction.) You are going to be shocked to hear this. Hello. I am a mother from Anseong, Gyeonggi Province. There’s someone in my family who starts his day at dawn with a rooster’s crow. He plows and manures a field, plants chilies and feeds his animals. The man who does farm work all day – is my 15-year-old son. / – What? (Is he an eighth grader farmer?) – What? Is he a teen farmer? / – Farming? Whether there’s rain or typhoon, he farms. “Where are you going?” “I’m going to the farm.” – “Why…” / – Why do all farmers speak like that? Her son speaks with a Chungcheong Province accent. Does he really have a Chungcheong Province accent? But they are from Gyeonggi Province. They are originally from Chungcheong Province. “Should we go on a family trip?” “No, we can’t. Who will feed my goats” “and rabbits?” “Come on, son.” “Leave me alone. I’ll get sick if I don’t do it.” Studying always comes last. – He’s busy farming. / – “Did you do well in the exam?” “Goodness, why bother asking?” “I did badly.” (He’s such an honest kid.) He’s honest. “How can I miraculously do well?” – He’s always been bad. / – Right. “How can a person do everything well?” “I will just be a farmer forever.” My son wants to be a farmer. What’s wrong with him? Please stop my son. – That’s a strange story. / – Yes. – He’s just 15. / – He’s only 15. – He’s a 15-year-old farmer. / – It makes me – wonder if it’s a worry. / – Right? I still have a lot of friends who don’t do anything. I know a lot of people who are 33 and still don’t know what dream is. He’s just 15, yet he has a dream, – and he’s working hard for it. / – He’s got direction. Let’s meet her and talk to her. – Let’s welcome our guest. / – Come on! (Who’s the lady with a teen farmer son?) (Choi Bongran) Is your family into farming then? No, I don’t farm. We live with my parents-in-law, and they farm. My son followed them around and… – He learnt from his grandparents. / – He got a hobby. – Yes. / – When did he start farming? He started when he was in second grade. – He was just nine. / – He said he’d live as a farmer. – All his life. / – He was just a second grader, – and he decided his path. / – He’s amazing. What does he farm? He gets up at 5 a.m. every morning, harvests chilies and sesame seeds, plants beans and helps his grandparents clean the cow shed. – He cleans the cow shed. / – Yes. One day, he started buying animals. Now, our animal farm grew. They have an animal farm. We have 100 chickens, – 10 goats, / – 10 goats. – 6 dogs and 2 rabbits. It’s a big farm. / – Goodness. – What? / – It’s his grandfather’s, and I guess it’s just big enough for a child. Is it like a family garden? – No. / – How big is the field? It’s about 6,611m². – Did you say 6,611m²? / – Yes. But he’d look amazing looking over 100 chickens while being guarded by six dogs. That’s how he begins his day. – Like what Shindong said earlier, / – Yes. – there are so many people without dreams. / – Right. But her son wants to dedicate his life to farming. How does that worry you? – He’s still a student. / – He’s a student. I want him to study hard. Even when he’s at school, if a goat gives birth, he skips his after-school classes and comes home. (He skips class for a goat.) All he does all day is searching about goats online. – He doesn’t study at all. / – He doesn’t review. – No, he doesn’t review. / – How about homework? One time, his homeroom teacher even called me. His teacher said he should spend more time to study. This is a worry. – Let’s meet her son… / – Since second grade. who decided to dedicate his life to farming. Hello. (He says hello like an old man.) Goodness. Hello. (He’s like a friendly country man.) Please introduce yourself. – Do it like a country man. / – I am Han Taewoong from Misan-ri, Yangseong-myeon, Anseong-si. – Welcome! / – Is that how he really speaks? He sounds just like a country man. – Hello. / – He – sounds like a village head. / – I know. – How do you feel to be here? / – How do you feel? I’m thrilled to visit this big city. Do you like farming that much? Seeds grows into sprouts. Sprouts grow roots when they are planted. I feel proud when I harvest the crops in the fall. – Is something wrong? / – That’s how he speaks. – Why do you talk like that? / – “Sprouts grow roots.” It’s because I’m a country bumpkin. You sound like someone of my age. – By the way… / – I feel like he’s my friend. – It’s like talking to a friend. / – But he looks like a really smart kid from Gangnam. – He’s handsome. / – He’s really handsome. – He looks like a kid from Seoul. / – His skin is fair. You call yourself a country bumpkin, but your hair style is Seoul style. Who suggested that style? I got it done at a local hair salon. – A local hair salon. / – A local hair salon. Your hair is nicely done. Thank you. (He’s so friendly.) – By the way… / – Your mother brought you here because she doesn’t like you farming. What do you think about that? She thinks farming has no future. That’s what she thinks. But I want to try hard and revive the agriculture industry. He’s great. He’s great. He’s really great. Let me ask you a question. Why did you decide to become a farmer? I followed my grandparents and started helping them. And I realized I had an aptitude for farming. Right. – We wondered… / – This is really funny. how he farms. So our crew followed him for a day. – They did a good job. / – They followed him. – They followed him for a day. / – Right. – I’m so curious to see it. / – Let’s watch it. How can he farm? (8th Grader Taewoong’s Day) – His name is Taewoong. / – He’s an eighth grader. – Taewoong. / – It’s like a documentary. Goodness. Isn’t that his grandfather? – He’s tall. / – It must be his grandfather. No, it’s Taewoong. Is it Taewoong? Is it your son? You have to spray the shed all the time. Goodness. (Is that Taewoong or his dad?) – It’s Taewoong. / – Goodness. He looks like a village head. (It’s Taewoong.) He looks like a village head. – He looks like a village head. / – He does. (He feeds the chickens with love.) He’s like a farming prodigy. – Come here. / – Goodness. – There are so many. / – He’s the farming prodigy. Goodness. Are those all his chickens? Those are all his chickens. – How many are they? / – There are 100 chickens. – They eat well. / – He’s just an eighth grader. – Oh, my. / – My goodness. He’s just an eighth grader. – Oh, my. / – My goodness. That’s what a village head drives. (His awesomeness explodes!) No way. (He drives fast across the field.) – Amazing. / – He looks great though. He looks great though. (He takes a turn smoothly.) – He’s crazy. / – He’s fast. He’s really good. He drives really smoothly. – What is that now? / – It’s a tractor. He’s good. He’s great. Is he really an eighth grader? (He even waves his hand.) He’s relaxed. (He’s like a farming prodigy.) He’s really funny. He can drive heavy equipment too. (Everyone claps for him.) – That’s really funny. / – He’s really good. Isn’t it tiring to get up at 5 a.m.? The elders told me that I can’t be successful if a farmer wakes up late. Parents say they’re happy when they see their kids eat. I am happy when I see my goats eat. By the way, I’ve seen some documentaries – about young farmers. / – He’s very odd. And I saw them studying really hard. They’ve studied agriculture in college. Don’t you think you need to study? There are farmers who study well, but there are also farmers who don’t study well. – He’s right. / – I can’t argue with him. – Right. / – Keep going. I want to be a good person and a good farmer. Goodness. I can’t believe it. – By the way, / – We have to applaud him. But he leaves class when his goat gives birth. What do you say to your teacher? What do you say to leave class? “My goat gave birth this morning, and I’m worried.” “Can I go home?” Then he tells me I can go. His teacher must be like, “Of course, sir.” (It must be tough for him to stop Taewoong.) That’s how it must be like. His mom must be worried when he works in harsh conditions. You get bothered, don’t you? Even his grandfather doesn’t work when the weather is bad. He doesn’t have any field to plow in the winter, but he still goes out there. Do you go out to the field in the winter too? When I do nothing at home, it feels like I’m in a jail. Some people are like that. Another reason I plow the field in the winter is to kill all the bad seeds and to get the field ready. That’s why I plow the field in the winter. – He’s got his reasons. / – He’s great. By the way, are you at your awkward age? – He wouldn’t know. / – I don’t know. – He doesn’t know. / – He doesn’t know. Don’t you want to stay in your room alone? I want to be alone on a cultivator. On a cultivator. Then… (I can’t stop laughing.) When you see a girl, does your face turn red and does your heart beat fast? Have you ever experienced that? When I see a nice tractor, my heart beats fast. And my face turns red. Puberty doesn’t affect him. He’s too busy farming. Is that right? Has he skipped puberty then? He’s too busy farming. His grandparents are here too. – Hello. / – Hello. Your grandson wants to be your successor. What do you think about that? I am happy to hear it. But he’s still young, so I am worried about him. – How is he as a farmer? / – I’m curious. Is he talented? Is he good? He’s better than me. – Is he really better than you? / – He is. He does everything by himself. He doesn’t do it because I tell him to. He knows what to do. But I am worried about him driving – the cultivator and the tractor. / – It worries you. This happened a few years ago. – Water comes out from the cultivator. / – Right. He burnt his leg with it. That water is very hot. But he didn’t say it to anyone. He was afraid you’d stop him. Yes. So I tell him not to touch it. Why didn’t you tell anyone about the burn? I was hurt a lot, but when I tell them I’m hurt, they nag a lot. (He hates being nagged more than being hurt.) That’s why you didn’t tell anyone. I am too intimidated by the way he speaks. – Did it hurt a lot? / – He’s unique. People get hurt in the farms. So I just took the pain. Right. He’s right. Did you know that he sometimes got hurt while driving those farming machines? He has so many wounds. His body always gets bruised and bleeds. – But… / – I always tell him to wear safety gears. I want him to wear gloves and a helmet. But he only wears them when I tell him to. Don’t people get into accidents using a cultivator? He often gets hurt. One time, his finger got stuck in it. – Goodness. / – I know. We had to take him to a hospital to get stitches. – Could you see his bone? / – Yes. His skin was deeply paved. I think he would’ve acted as if it wasn’t a big deal. “I got hurt a little bit.” “How can one farm without getting hurt?” “So this is how my bone looks like.” You keep getting hurt. Don’t you think they are too dangerous? No machine is safe. Getting hurt is part of mastering the machine. I think it’s a good experience. Was there any other big accident you didn’t tell your family about? – Another accident. / – I was plowing the field. I was plowing the field with a tractor. And there was a hollow spot on the ground. The wheel fell into the spot, and the tractor flipped. – I almost got trapped underneath and died. / – No way. How can you say that as if it’s no big deal? – Your mom is shocked. / – He talks about it very calmly. Why don’t you wear the safety gears?


  1. This young man is very happy to find his talent – which is agriculture. It is possible to turn agriculture into something profitable, maybe the mom should encourage him to study to go into an agricultural university which would help him a lot and cultivate his talents more.

  2. 👏👏 He is more mature than those adults. you are already a good person and farmer. I wish these people would stop laughing and making wisecrack remarks. this is not a concern, it is a blessing and an honorable lifestyle. The only drawback is that it’s not lucrative money wise and it’s backbreaking work. Going to agricultural academies might be the ticket for the future, as he could devise better ways to farm and therefore making a good living, enough to support a family . Lord knows we need more farmers in this ever expanding population. So I say give this boy/man lots of encouragement for his endeavors 👏👏. With love from 🇺🇸 🙆🏻‍♀️❣️

  3. This mother is ungrateful!! Other parents are getting depression bcz their children are lazy, this one got a sustainable activity he can feed himself with his crops! If he was my son I would buy him a big land for him to grow more and more crops and have more animals

  4. I can't believe i am going to say this but… he don't need attend to school, i mean he is a talented farmer ans loves to do that
    He can live from that

  5. In my opinion, it's good to have an education but aren't his mom be proud of her son for having a naturalist intelligence? Like he can even do a business with it. Not all people good with education. Some of them great in skills. As an Asian myself, I really disappointed with Asians' mind setting that their children need to study hard.

  6. 꿈도없고 갈길도 모르며 헤매는 청년들도 많은데 15살에 2천평을 관리하며 부지런하니 성공할것 같습니다 끝까지 밀어주시고!🤩 태웅이도 학생신분도 함께 노력하면서 성공하세요!🧜‍♂️

  7. how can farming not have a future ? its farming ! hello food for the masses , the amount of money he'll make is the only thing i wonder thats all.

  8. Wow. I’m kinda jealous cause he already knows what he wants to do and he is hardworking. Oh me? I’m a lazy potato still wondering what I wanna do in life 😭

  9. "There are farmers who study well, but there are also farmers who don't study well".

    LOLOLOL… He's true though. 😁😁😁😁

  10. I don't care how hardworking her is compared to other people it's a problem. He doesn't wear safety gear and never tells people of his injuries. That's seriously dangerous. He only wears safety gear when his mom tells him to, but happens when she passes away? He's most likely going to die young in a very preventable accident. On top of that he seems to have no social life. In order to do business and sell his products he needs to have some kind of social skills.

  11. I believe its bcs he thinks that whatever his studying has nothing to do with agriculture of he could not make a connection. I think its the school’s responsibility to at least help him understand that

  12. There are millionaires in the USA who make lots of money and then dream of retiring and learning how to live off the land and farm; this young man is living the dream of hundreds of millionaires in the US.

  13. 요즘도 이렇게 착실한 젊은이가 시골에 있다니
    기쁘네요. 축산에 농사까지 겸하고 본인이 책임감도 강하네요!💕

  14. He needs to use saftey gear! My brother died from being crushed after his tractor flipped on him. My heart busted after hearing it almost happened to him to.

  15. Somehow I understand the mother. She wants her son to enjoy being young while he is still young. Sure the passion is there for farming but he spends most if not all of his time in it, that when he grows older he might be burnout and that passion declines. He must enjoy his youth somehow while continue what he loves. He is strong and healthy now but when he matures the body functions decline and what he could have done in his younger years he can no longer do when he is old. Now we sometimes hear from older people that I should have done this or that when I was younger, now they're old their bodies can't cope to the demand of what they want to enjoy like traveling, sports, meeting with friends and being young. Too much of something is bad. Nevertheless, good job for the boy that at such a young age he knows what he wants to become and isn't idle.

  16. Somehow I understand the mother. She wants her son to enjoy being young while he is still young. Sure the passion is there for farming but he spends most if not all of his time in it, that when he grows older he might be burnout and that passion declines. He must enjoy his youth somehow while continue what he loves. He is strong and healthy now but when he matures the body functions decline and what he could have done in his younger years he can no longer do when he is old. Now we sometimes hear from older people that I should have done this or that when I was younger, now they're old their bodies can't cope to the demand of what they want to enjoy like traveling, sports, meeting with friends and being young. Too much of something is bad. Nevertheless, good job for the boy that at such a young age he knows what he wants to become and isn't idle.

  17. When need more guys like him in my country. We're an agricultural country but kids don't even want to touch dirt when they leave elementary school. And I can say that I'm like that. I hope kids warch this episode and learn from him.

  18. I came back to this video after watching a video about a patriarchal man concern….need this innocent and faith in humanity restoring story to calm down

  19. All up I respect this young man. Hard working, not confined to a small apartment but out in the open cou try side(frick talk about freedom compared to the confines of clattered urban life. Working in an industry that pretty much now days is a necessity. Yoooo respect 🙌🙌⚒️👏👏💯

  20. whats so wrong about farming? studying isnt all about formal school tho.. hes so lucky to find his passion on early days

  21. I don’t think it’s an issue. You can’t stop someone from doing what they love. And if this boy loves farming and agriculture, then he loves farming and agriculture. This mother should be proud of her son.

  22. I don't know but i think if he's still standing what he want (Farmer) i think he's gonna be rich one Day if he knows about bussiness..

  23. Study won’t always define you a better future. It’s how you enjoy what you’re doing and make u happy wit it. He knows what you’re doing. He’s looking happy.

  24. This isn’t a concern. He, unlike millions of people, found his passion and something that brings him joy. As long as he gets passable grades let the boy farm.

  25. I like his passion for farming and I think he can go on about with it, but he just needs some time managing skills. He needs to set a timetable for studying and needs to take care of his health as well. In the future, and now, we all need the basic communication skills and if he doesn't study, he won't have the basics for a certain topic. And he also needs to study because if something happened to their farm one day, like they moved states or whatever, he will need to start life again and without any education, it will be really hard. I advise him to study and to farm safely.

  26. In my country there are lot of worries because lack of farmers..and that kid wants to fo farming …its good

  27. Why can’t his mom let him be? He is also kind of helping the planet by planting and taking care of plants. -_-

  28. I believe if he has the right supporters, he'll be able to make a big business out of it. Everyone nowadays want to be in the office, who's going to do farming then? I salute this guy.

  29. Man when I was younger I used to tell my mom I was gonna marry a farmer and grow strawberries 😤some of us just wanna be out in nature. I applaud him for being so dedicated to a goal from such a young age.

  30. His so handsome lmao😂😍and I admire his passion in farming ❤ we're same but the difference is my parents are the one who force me to continue our family legacy in agriculture which is landscaping. In your side your a farmer and my parents are the landscaper❤

  31. I came after hard carry 2.5…i mean there's nothing wrong with him….mom just upset she can't brag about her child like other typical korean moms….🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷

  32. The only problem I see here is how often he gets hurt or nearly gets hurt and he doesn't tell people. he mentioned towards the end that the tractor flipped and almost trapped him underneath and he would have died, but he speaks of it so calmly. I can appreciate that this kid has a goal. He's 15, but because of the Korean age system (where you're counted from age 1 at birth and your age changes at the beginning of the year even before your birthday), he could be 13-14. I'm thinking 14. At that age, he deserves to keep doing what he wants, but I don't think he should sacrifice his grades if he can help it, and he should tell his family when accidents happen. I can see why the mom got concerned.

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