20.000 abeilles dans la ruche fenêtre de la maison!

20.000 bees in the ‘window-beehive’! Hi everybody! Today, we’ll show you a preservation beehive Welcome to our place, ‘Les Petites Ruches’, in St Aubin Château Neuf, France We’re going to discover the new beehive that we are making Alain is building a new model that we’ve designed to put it in front of a recess window It will be applied to a walled-up window. And then it will be able to accommodate a new colony of bees. Note however that there is no frames in this beehive, but only wood bars at the top, to allow the bees to build their combs. We’ve just placed a little comb inside for the bees to find it, and for the queen bee to lay eggs immediately. The next day after the construction was finished we were fortunate to collect a nice swarm. We’re going to hive it. You will be able to discover this scene, it’s a special situation because we can’t top-load the bees we have no alternative other than pour bees outside the front door of the beehive on a sheet. It’s done, we’ve pour the whole swarm, 25.000 bees, outside the front door, On those pictures you can see that delicate operation It will take some time. The bees are widely spreading on the sheet… Observe how bees are going to get into the hive Of course, the queen bee is somewhere… in the middle of the crowd. It’s very difficult to find her, but it’s not that important to see her I don’t even try I know she’s going to get into the hive, at her own pace. The very important thing is to welcome them with the more kindness and love, without any smoke, and without ever having to stress the bees or yourself, because they feel our concern. And once we can do that, we realize there is no there is no agressivity. You can see a little entrance (top center), and we can see there two drones They are larger than females. They run, go around in circles, chasing… We can see some bees raising her abdomen, ‘beating the drums’ to call the others. They communicate with pheromones, chemical signal, to round all the bees, indicate the door of the hive, and encourage the scattered bees to flow to the entrance. It’s a so magnificent show, to see hundred of bees flowing toward the entrance, walking up! Bees continue to go inside the hive There is still a little outdoor, Now we can talk about this hive, whatever it is used for. Once again, it’s like the other hives we have here in our garden, an hive of biodiversity and preservation beekeeping, in witch we’ll never remove any honey. It is only intended to offer a shelter to a wild colony of bees, living free This may sound strange, because the word ‘honey’ is always linked to the word ‘bee’… But this is our choice. We’ve decided to let bee free. Bees are doing all the things as they please like building their combs, raising their young, or doing their the normal swarming process. They are making each years new colonies of bees who leave the hives exploring new places. In this ‘nest-box’ for the bees, or preservation hive, bees are eating only the food they have foraged, honey. They mainly will use it in winter, bees use honey for heating until the following spring when, yet again, they’ll forage flowers. Here are the last one. Everybody will keep warm over night in the hive. It 20h00 It took half a hour from the beginning. For 25.000 bees, it’s not so bad!

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