2019 Arkansas 4-H Day at the Capitol

To see all of you in the Capitol today
is very exciting to me because it encourages all of us
about the future of our state. We are very grateful in Arkansas to have men and women within the state Capitol who have been former 4-H’ers and understand the importance of this organization. And today is a day to appreciate them and to build relationships with them, because the 4-H’ers today are truly the leaders of this state tomorrow. Let me tell you what, our country’d be better and our state would be better if we had even more 4-H than we have. Because it’s not just your knowledge but it’s
the values that you represent. 4-H has credibility. 4-H’ers are articulate, they’re smart,
they’re classy, they’re polite. Everything that I want my 6-month old daughter to be you guys exemplify already. 4-H is for everyone. Regardless of what your chosen profession is, or what you plan to do after high school or after college, your 4-H experiences will serve you well. Today has been really fun. I got to learn about the different jobs and, like, the lawyers,
and the legislative people like that, and I think that’s just really cool. Thank you for what you do to support Arkansas, agriculture, and leadership. We’re glad that you’re here today. Thank you very much. [Applause]

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