8 Beekeeping Gadgets


  1. Me: so Tara's do you have anything cool
    Tara's: oh you know I just have a bee hive sitting in my backyard

  2. Та не-е-ет, не слішно акцента вообще))))) мне русскому даже все понятно, клас

  3. Taras you are kul(cool)
    I loveeee your vids
    They are awesome
    The way u present the gadgets I bet no one can do it
    By the way what are the names of your dogs they are adorable
    So keep on doing these videos

  4. 532 people disliked this video, why?? It's a good video with a bunch of good tips and information. What more do you want? A dancing chimp in the background?

  5. Taras That frame holder gadget is a nice one. The problem you had with dropping frames could be prevented quite easily, weld a crossbar at the end

  6. a bunch of bees were attacking me today
    so i smoked as taras told me
    but they still attacked me
    and i became dizzy 🙄🙄

  7. Make frame from rougher wood. It makes bees release the waxy substance more. The waxy substance contains some great elements for the bee larvae. The larvae make healthier bees and less sick ones.

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