A Boost for Lac Cultivation in Jharkhand

A resident of Tilopada, Jharkhand, Mr. Gopi chaki, aims to revolutionize the cultivation of lac trees across Jharkhand. He began with Kairodi village in Jharkand. I am Xavier Hamsay and this is my community. We began farming after we passed our class 10. We wish to enlighten people to choose farming over other jobs. I have received many awards for my Vermiculture initiatives and have received appreciation from people too. This plant is one of the Lac producing trees. It is known as “Semialata”. There are two varietis of Lac from these plants, viz. Rangli Lac and Kusumi Lac. We are growing the Kusumi lac trees which have slightly thicker barks. If we cultivate around 20 thousand trees on this land and if we sold off the lac from those trees then we will make around Rs 20 lakhs. We have recieved trainings from a few organisations on growing of these trees. This is how we are able to grow these trees scientifically according to the training we received. The current crop looks like we will get a 100 percent results. We haven’t received any support from the government or from any NGO’s. We will work on our own and use these studies to showcase to the government. Through this video we showcase benefits of employment and livelihoods people can receive from this initiative. Villagers and farmers must receiving training on growing lac trees. I am Xavier Hamsay from Jharkhand reporting for IndiaUnheard.

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