A day with Jono Comvita Beekeeper

it’s so easy to get up in the morning and go to work if you don’t have that and you need your body over that job is what are you doing hi I’m Jonathan I’m a beekeeper for convener and this is my office what I love about beekeeping is well one the environment we’re in look where we are it’s just so peaceful and we’re ethnic to basics you’re out here with nature doing what we love this is one of my favorite properties I just love it where we’ve got everything here we’ve got the bush we’ve got the pasture we’re on a working farm and everything about it is just it’s just so beautiful going out to some of our production sites in the beekeeping environment these are areas where you wouldn’t get to and there are some outstandingly beautiful places and you can feel a richness of the products around you we know the hives are in beautiful condition they should have a lot of honey on them that we’ve put the good hives in the monarchy areas because you want the best hives and the ears that are producing the best quality honey it’s just exciting as that anticipation of what we’re about to get he actually has worked or sometimes if he can’t get out there into those bees he just absolutely loves beekeeping is his life he loves and breathes that we keep as our little bit eccentric but I think it’s because they just have their extreme passion for what they do and it just makes them a little odd to the rest of us we got a lot of trouble all links to source the very best product product that we know as pure and product that we know works we’re basically looking at the special compounds in manuka honey because it has more antimicrobial power than our liners have we basically want as fewer in the final honey as possible it’s got to be natural the sprays the toxins all the things where is that where is it around here it doesn’t exist where as far as we possibly can be from from those sorts of elements we’re in one of the most natural environments in the world the Monica I mean you can’t give me pure than this like I can’t describe that feeling were you enjoy going to work and when I get back from her a day like today doing what I love doing in a country I love to be in for me it doesn’t get any better than this

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