Advising: Advisors want to cultivate self-sufficiency among students

I think the goal for all of us advisors, any
advisor here and faculty members, we wanna teach these students of self-accountability. We want them to feel like they’re responsible
for their time here. We are very, very passionate about making
sure that our students are informed. It’s very important for us to not just do
things for them, but to show them how to do for themselves. We don’t just say oh, these are the classes
that you’re going to take. We tell them why they have to take them. We visually show them here is how it’s going
to work when you transition. Just so that they get an understanding, but
more importantly, a sense of ownership. It’s very intimidating at first, for a first-time
in college student to see that. We tell them you’re not alone in this. That’s what we’re all here for. You have faculty members here to talk to you
about the profession and mentor you in the profession. You have certified advisors here to make sure
that you’re taking the proper classes for transition. Eventually, by the end of the year, those
first-time in college students feel like oh, okay, I understand. This is my journey here, and I have the support
here to help me in that journey. They really get that sense of ownership. By the time they graduate, they’re basically
telling us what to do, in terms of I know you said that you wanted me to take this class,
but I feel like this class is going to be better for me. I just don’t feel like I’m ready for this. They start getting that ownership. It’s a really cool thing to see them doing
that, because we tell them upfront, you’re gonna get this. By the end of your first year, you’re gonna
be such a pro, of knowing what you have to do, and making sure that it’s the right
move for you, and talking to us. It’s a really awesome thing to see, until
they graduate, they know exactly what they have to do, so that they can go to their university
or in the workforce empowered to do it.


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