AG ANSWERS: Horticulture Sessions

Background:Join University of Illinois Extension for a morning of engaging horticulture sessions for gardeners of all ages and levels. Connect with area gardeners, learn from experts and go home with research-based information you can trust and ideas that will get you excited about getting your hands dirty this spring! Questions:1. When and where is the a Ground Upa workshop? From the Ground Up will be 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, March 9 at Allerton 2. What sessions are scheduled for this workshop? The breakout sessions that still remain unfilled include a. Garden Hygee, or the Danish Art of Comfort landscape design presented by Dr. Jennifer Schultzb. Nature Photography by Chris Tidrick c. Springtime Native Blooms, by Elizabeth Jefferyd. Living with Wildlife, by wildlife ambassadors from the U of I Wildlife Medical Clinic 3. Is there a keynote speaker at this workshop? Yes, Dr. Matt Browning, U of I professor in Recreation Sport and Tourism Dept. Talking about the Health Benefits of Being in Nature4. Is there a cost to attend? Yes $20 per person5. How do you register or find more information? Online or call Piatt County Extension Office at (217) 762-2191

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