Ag Business Management – COS Agriculture

Tulare County is the number one agriculture county in the nation. It’s critical, it’s pivotal to our economy and so what that means is not only do we have production agriculture, we also have the business side of agriculture that supports our production agriculture. What we offer as a company is we do controlled pollination… Almond, apple, apricot, avocado. …and so we’re able to apply pollen right at the right time. I’m the president of the Ag Business club. We’re doing a sales and marketing project with Mr. McKeith to help him market and sell the animals he has here on the farm. When we covered price elasticity of demand, we were looking at, “how sensitive are consumers to price change?”. So what you’re seeing on your picture right here is you are seeing how that equilibrium has caused it to increase. The Ag Business instructor makes it a point to get us into a field trip on industry level. They definitely try to make sure that they make those connections and keep those connections to benefit us. It’s a new experience. We get to see a little bit of each different part of industry. (Indistinguishable speaking) In agriculture we’re actually producing the food, and the product, and the fiber that feeds the world. So isn’t that interesting for you to come to the College of the Sequoias where you’re exposed to all of those different opportunities? My major is Ag Business.

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