Agricultural Learning Center at UMass Amherst

[MUSIC PLAYING] The agricultural Learning
Center’s a 75-acre facility. We have about 10
faculty-sponsored projects happening, and about 20
undergrads working out here. The barn is really
a central location for all of the
students and faculty that are working at the
Agricultural Learning Center. The primary use
for the barn will be a wash and pack station for
the UMass student farm program. Students who are enrolled in
the UMass student farm program, have the opportunity
to do all the planning for 21-acre certified
organic vegetable farm. During the summer, they
get to implement that plan. And during the
fall, they come back and do all the harvesting and
marketing and a season analysis for that farm. It’s really close to
our fields, and it’s going to make our production
so much easier in the fall when we go out to the fields
in the morning, pick the food, bring it down here,
and just wash it and pack it, and
send it straight out. This fall, will
be the first time that our students
have the opportunity to use this new facility
to wash and pack all of their vegetables
for our various markets, including a CSA program,
a farmer’s market, and many wholesale
accounts, including U Mass dining, Big-Y foods, and lots
of student businesses on campus. So the barn is really
giving us an opportunity to execute our plan
that we’ve made and with the appropriate skills
that our students need to be the next generation of farmers.

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