Agricultural Unit Highlight

as you know one of the biggest things
that the Sheriff’s Office is developing partnerships within the community to
make sure we have that that trust of the community and that we can work
hand-in-hand with them and when an issue arises whether it’s a need on our part
or the community’s part were able to respond together and address that issue
through those partnerships that we’ve created
deputy Robbie Martin is a Sarasota resident he has grown up in this
community he knows the needs of the agricultural
community and what better person to address those needs currently work in
the agricultural unit within the servicer so the kind of Sheriff’s Office
I’ve been employed with the Sheriff’s Office for coming up on 15 years I’ve
been in the agricultural unit for about a year and a half I live on property
here in Sarasota that was cleared by my great-grandfather in 1900 so I have
roots that go back 117 years and I currently
have some cattle and some citrus that my brother not raised together as a family
operation a part of this job is getting to know the ranchers getting to know the
property owners who has cattle horses livestock in various areas of the county
so in a case that that animals get out or maybe a car runs through a fence we
know who the property owners are and can call them to respond to either help
repair fencing or get the livestock back in or in a case of an injured animal we
know who the owners are as well here’s the property that we were monitoring on
Monday this this is where they had approximately 40 head of cattle this is
it always been a typical lo area where it’s flooded I’ve seen the two houses to
the west under water in years past it was approximately maybe two feet higher
than what it is right now you couldn’t see any of the grass sticking through
the water on Monday but as the rain stopped more some of the grass started
poking through the water and the cattle moved from where the Cowpens are where
there’s some high ground they actually started moving out through the water
grazing on the grass that started sticking through and then some of them
actually came up on this mound of dirt and started resting up there we
monitored that we were watching them they didn’t appear to be under stress it
was typical cattle behavior they were as we call it chewing their cud laying up
there and they would move back and forth from the cow pens to the to the berm but
at that time there was adequate grass for them an adequate foliage
I’ve lived in Sarasota for 50 years pals were in good shape and they were on high
ground and you know they were doing fine I think it just got blown out of
proportion with the with the media there’s an agricultural unit with a
Sheriff’s Department they do a great job there obviously we’re paying attention
to what’s going on out there I think one of the range deputies let’s close by and
he had everything under control I was in contact with the cattle owner and I told
him I said you know we’re gonna monitor it and you may have to bring another
Haitian you know some hay sower a food source like hey or maybe cattle cubes
out for him if it prolongs unfortunately the rain stopped and he was able to get
a trailer in and remove the cattle yesterday we just looked at the
situation and we figured the best thing to do is just relax and be patient the
cattle were fine they weren’t being stressed had we tried to bring horses or
something else in to try to move them to me and two other owners that I talked to
that would have put undue stress on them so we just waited the cattle actually
gathered at the Cowpens yesterday morning so there wasn’t any need to use
horses to gather them they were already over there and we pinned them and loaded
them on trailers and everything went really smooth

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