Agriculture Conference 2020 in Dornach (Switzerland) at the Goetheanum

Yes, what does it mean the spirit in agriculture? Actually, this is when you see something. For example, a plant. You see the outside, but you feel that there is more to it. There is something inside. Actually, it is a being. The being is not visible directly. The spirit, in this example, would be internal of the plant. Or the plant in the genuine sense. That you go deeper in the being. The conference theme is an essential one for me. I feel that we are at the moment, where the spirit in biodynamic agriculture is prioritized. We are here at the agriculture conference 2020 in Switzerland at the Goetheanum. We are around 900 participants, around 100 contributors from 48 countries. We arranged the conference with a diversity of components. Of course, there are presentations. These are more in the way of inputs, or inspirations. Or as a report from the own way, as an example. Then there are sketches. Where people describe small aspects from their life. Where they were touched with the theme of “the spirit”. And then we attempted to offer a variety of workshops. To enable people to deepen into one theme. Together in a group, so as a dialogue. And then we tried newly this time, the open space. Where many and diverse offers were presented. And everybody could search what they would like to get to know. This is really the diversity. Because we wanted to show the diverse paths to the spirit in agriculture. And there we have more than 100 different offers. All together. This is a nice bouquet of offers. Having “Woven Skin” at the Goetheanum, at this location, was essential for me for the world tour. Because also in my work biodynamic farming is a very important element. We stimulate farmers to think about new economical forms for their agricultural company. For example, when you would grow crops for colors, or crops for perfume. There will be some economical benefits. Like every year, the special here is that so many people from all over the world come together. But this conference, a unique spirit is present. For me, the unique is, that here a form of agriculture is, that goes in the depth. Like the topic of the conference “the spirit in agriculture”. That you have a good look at topics, that are not visual in the physical world. But with something spiritual. This is very important for us people in this time.

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