[Ah Farm] Episode 3 _ Beekeeper VLOG_ NZ Farmer

This part (white cover) is sealed After bees concentrated honey in it they sealed it honey at this stage is never changed in terms of it’s nutrition They seal it from the top to the bottom They put their head into honey what they are doing is bees repeatedly eat and spit the honey By doing this, the honey is getting fermented This is the frame that I coated with beeswax before And bees build their hive on it and collecting honey Generally, it takes a week to build up to this size and they start collecting honey What’s in the bottom floor? There are worker bees and the queen. poor bees.. (bees are crushed as he closes) ah… I can’t do anything this is why I keep smoking over the hives so they can run? yeah. To save as many as possible But there are so many of them and when they find a small gap They try to sneak out through the gap then they are crushed.. Thank you


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