Alaska Urban Beekeeping: 2-Week Frame Check (August)

It’s August 10th right now and I’ve been told that we’re past our honey flow but our bees have two two of the main deep boxes that they’ve completely filled up. Their frames are completely full, so we’re gonna put a honey super on the top and just see what happens. Just adding one more box Good job honey. Did one bump into you? Let this be a warning, human! Well done! Look at how tall our hive is getting now. We started at the beginning of the summer with only one box. Hey! Today, is August 27th, so it’s been about two and a half weeks since we put that extra small honey super on the top of the hive and I’m just going to go take a look go poke the bees see See how much, if any, like wax the honey they’ve built out in the top super box. I’m just gonna put on this mosquito head net Over my hat and gardening gloves. My bee poking outfit kind of changes Just based on what day it is and what my personal comfort level is that day with them. So I’m gonna pop open the hive and Give you a peek to see what they did, if anything, with those ten honey super frames It’s a dramatic day in the hive I’m actually watching I’m watching worker bees kicking drones out. Like I’ve watched two little worker bees teaming up together to drag a drone out like by its wings, so Hopefully by going in here They’re not gonna be too upset and the fact that they’re kicking drones out means that we’re past honey flow. But if you want to see the video to the drones being dragged out by their wings I’ll put a link to that in the description, too, because that’s a really cool video. I’m gonna go up top now and see. I’m not expecting to see anything on those supers, well on that single super with the ten frames, but we’ll see. So I put that single piece of string there as a guide Because I wanted to see if I could get just pure, straight up honey comb. Without that plastic insert, because when you’ve got that plastic, insert, you can’t actually eat the comb. You’re just harvesting for honey, so I just gave them that single string hoping to give them like a little bit of structure. In case you’re wondering what that is, I’ll pull out a frame toward the center. Just to see if they’ve done anything else there. yeah, looks like a lot of bees, but… after about two and a half weeks at the end of August they haven’t done anything in terms of like actually building out wax or honey. Yeah, all bees… all bees… Just empty string. empty string All right, well I’ll leave them be, and the very least Oops, I’ve got a bee on my phone. At the very least, it’s good to know that uh – hey, come on girl – There is no food on this phone. Okay, there she goes. Now I know that, um, when it’s when it’s time start wintering over, I can probably just go ahead and take off this top box. Cause it’s empty. It’s not providing anything for them. Okay, well thanks for watching. I mean we tried. It’s about all you can do, right?


  1. i see u like their mother…u r really love them..hehe..i`m like how u managing yr bees…hope more update from u Ashley:-* 🙂

  2. Well it looks like you've had good luck with the string, that's good. its to bad your honey flow is over, bummer. With your Alaskan winters, do you need to feed them to get them ready?

  3. I just subbed came over from Grandpas Farm top 5 tool challenge.  VERY gentle bees.  I have been a commercial beekeeper in CA SK VA and HI for over 30 years!  In SK we wanted them to  weigh at least 135 to get through the winter wrapped in 4's with r19  and r 40 on top.  Cheers Jim

  4. In Alaska, you need to feed bees to become a very strong family…. then you will be surprised at what your bees can do …

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