Algonquin College Horticultural Industries Program

[MUSIC] I am Steve Neumann and I teach in
horticultural industries program. A new student coming here would have to be
ready to spend a lot of time outside enjoy working outdoors enjoy
working with their hands, being creative contact with the soil,
nurturing. We do a lot of growing. We do maintaining. We do building, construction. So fairly flexible, fairly ready to get hands on and not
afraid to get your hands dirty. We have 12 week paid co-op placement in
the summer some between May and July or between July and October,
depending on what group. It’s a paid co-op in industry. Generally the student is allowed to select
their own placement, so what type of job that they would be
interested in doing. But it’s very much a hands-on with
employers. It could be doing maintenance, it could be
doing construction. You’ll be working in a garden center. You’ll be working organic farms. You’ll be working with growers. It’s real work, it’s real life situation,
and, the chance to earn a little bit of money. [MUSIC]

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