hello friends so welcome you all to my channel and we today in this channel we are going to talk about bees there is something special about bees not just we are going to talk about bee but also talk about its byproduct which name is honey. Right! this is what we called as honey having some very basic property but even a few know this many may know it from very beginning and may many of you don’t know about it. the property is that honey never spoile how many of you actually know this, i think you must know this right! why does honey never spoil, in this video we are talk about this. why? because this fact is known by us. that honey had never spoil ever if we leave it for lakes of years, if we put it into some jar. it will never spoil, but what is so special about honey. what is that ingredient that make it so special. To understand this we don,t have to put much more effort, because I have already got the answer and I am going to tell you this in very short. so lets start, lets first know honey which is made by bees right! I is well know by every one no need to discuss what is honey. It is sweet, tasty and we all love it. so the very first property of honey is which is different form what we had dissuaded earlier that honey is not spoil, other then this there are many important thing about honey which I want to tell you first. the very first thing is that it is of acidic medium do you know about this, if we talk about its reading on PH scale Its reading is in between 3 to 4.5 how much? its 3 to 4.5 we get it on scale how many of you know about this and also can not believe on this fact because what we had learned about acidic medium in school is that acid are sour in taste but does honey is sour in taste? NO! its not for us even to think that honey is acidic in nature is not possible so now you know this right! honey is acidic in nature and the second important propriety is that that can be used in our house is that if you use honey as let us suppose somehow you get injured or burned than you can simple apply honey on it. and it will work as bandage so you know this, i think this were not known to you but i had told you right! lets move further now lets simply jump to our question and what our question lets simply jump to our question and what was our question the question is that the honey that we get form honey why does it not spoil and there are also one another interesting fact that this oldest honey we had getting till now a jar of honey that may be somehow preserve by our ancestor so the jar they had got are actually 5500 years old still now the honey is fine there is no sign of spoiling so this can tell about the magic of honey which were found by us this honey is proving its amazing property it self so now we are going to understand it why is it so? what is that made the honey so magical its is like something which have no expiry date so now lets understand it. so the very first thing we are going to discuss how does honey were made by bees


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