ASMR Ear Massage👂✨by Aloe Gel, Honey, Oil, Lotion (60fps)

*smoothing* Does it feel good? Hello 🙂 Good evening, I’m Cham 🙂 This time around… …I’ll massage your ears thoroughly With a very little aloe vera Here I go The aloe vera… …although it looks like a cactus… …did you know that it’s a Liliaceae plant? There’s more varieties of this kind *smoothing* So, the aloe vera… …It is usually characterized by having a thicker stem This one has a little edge But little The stickiness is incredible Wow Even my hands have become bright and slippery In Japan there is a relationship with the so-called “Kidachi aloe” (Aloe arborescens) Not only for ornamental use (?) Also for medicinal uses They say The raw paper comes from aloe(?) That yellowish fluid The yellowish fluid that exudes is known as Aloin Looks like it needs from juicy stem Indeed, a yellowish liquid comes out, when cutting the aloe, if I licked that I wouldn’t like it at all It’s very sticky The other time… …in the video without talking about aloe that I did The aloe vera’s leaf was way too big And then Problems happened For the sake of doing it… I thought it was bitter… …even if it looked so good Aloe vera’s leaf Was too big I was bumping into it I ended up spilling it all Bastante impaciente(?) When I ate aloe, it was very bitter, but that could be, it could be a property of this “Kidachi aloe” So… The… …I didn’t know that this species I got was so bitter Thought it was bitter Even though I prepared myself to eat it If it hadn’t been that bitter, up to that point Long ago when I ate something bitter At that time didn’t have this bitterness Was easy to eat Back in school, that was the first time I ate aloe vera I was very happy Delicious Because it was thick (in meat and juiciness) I think i should return again And it was little too I will put a lot in your ears And in the face sugoi It’s slime The “vera” in Aloe vera, means “true” or “real” in latin “How’s the pressure?” “Okay” If it hurt you please let me know Does it feel good? “Is it okay?” With the hands… …I’m going to touch your ears Sorry for the intrusion “Do you feel good?” Did your ears started to get warmer? “How are your ears?” How’s the strenghtness? Stronger? They did get warmer, right? They did get warmer, right? I’m going to use the lotion As always, well done in your job❤ Good job studying ❤ Relaax~ Thank you for your work like always ❤ Well done studying ❤ Honey Honey, going in I’ll leave you sticky Because I will smear you with a lot of honey… …perhaps… …a lot of wild animals would end up gathered *Sticky* The aroma of honey is amazing Does your ears feel good? If I ate aloe and honey together, looks like it would taste good It’s not been decided if i’ll eat it Should I try to eat it? Doing it hand to hand


  1. 勉強しすぎて「きゅーっぱ」が「キューバキューバ」に聞こえてキューバ危機過ぎった

  2. 初見です!

  3. Antes solo escuchaba hasta dormirme aunque no entendiera me gusta tu voz, hasta que descubrí los subtítulos, ahora los veo completos y luego solo los escucho hasta dormir 🌸 gracias por acompañar mis noches 😘

  4. 最近日本人が少ないwwwいつもいい音ありがとうございます!これからも頑張ってくださいねm(_ _)m、saikinJapanese peoplegasukunaiww、itumoiiotoThank you so much!!korekaramoganbattekudasai

  5. Wet & sticky sounds…
    Dirty thoughts joined my mind.
    I'm sorry…
    Nice video! XD

    Oof, but at all is kinda relaxing.

  6. Se muy poco japones y te llego a entender bastante. Muy relajante el video, me suscribo.
    P.d なんて優しい声 お姉さん >\<

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