Author Meredith May on Beekeeping with her Grandfather

– I’m Meredith May,
author of The Honey Bus. It’s the story of my beekeeping childhood with my eccentric grandpa, Franklin Peace. He taught me everything he knew
about bees, and in doing so, taught me everything I
needed to know about life. And now, I’d like to introduce you to him. Here, he’s telling me that the proper way to handle bees is no jerky motions. You have to stay calm. Beekeeping, he said, is the perfect blend of being alone and being social. – It’s just interesting,
it’s a good outlet. It’s nice and quiet, nobody bothers me. And I do like to sell the honey because people really appreciate it. – [Meredith] He had an
old Army bus marooned in the backyard. He built his honey factory
inside, called it The Honey Bus. – Yeah there’s a nice, there’s a new one. – [Meredith] Grandpa
built his honey factory out of spare parts. – The pump pumps up through to filter, and I have a cheesecloth. – [Meredith] This is the last time I worked the bees with Grandpa
before he passed in 2015. Now I teach little kids
what Grandpa taught me: that the bees are our
friends, and they’ll stay calm if you stay calm, too. (peaceful music)


  1. This has me remembering my grandparents. There is nothing like them in the world, right? I am most definitively buying this book. Thank you!!

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