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Right here died bees. Why bees died?
Right here died bees. Why bees died? Question, somebody not understand why bees died? I’ll tell you why, because after winter, some bees don’t survive, and bees have difference ages. -They died from oldage. -Yeah, this is a natural process. It’s not a big problem because we had a long winter. Other bees start, who didn’t die, normal bees, healthy bees, start doing brood. In february the bees start doing brood and one week before… today only raining, for a couple of days and bees don’t fly if it’s raining. If it’s warm outside, 47, 55 degrees, or up, the bees start to fly, and pick up and bring water, and bring pollen, if you have a little bit of nectar, they bring nectar.
Let’s look inside and see what we’ve done right here. In springtime, you always need to put sugar
syrup. This is where we put the sugar syrup. Right here, the bees are inside. It’s warm inside. Empty jar right now, I have put a full jar before and they have eaten the whole jar. If they pick up sugar syrup, bees try to use this syrup for Queen. This gives the queen a fast start and she starts laying down eggs. Lay
down eggs. Right now, the bees in springtime, mid-February, and March change old bees for new bees. The family starts to grow very fast. You must understand, at this time the family grows. If the family does not grow fast, sometimes old family, small family, this
family cannot start bringing spring honey on time, Old bees cannot bring honey, because old bees are working hard on growing new bees. So that the new bees can replace the old bees when the old bees die. Look right here. Right here too. This family is different. We have bees right here. Look right here. Bees eating, you see like this, eating only half of the jar, the other half they didn’t need. Eating a little bit at a time or however much they need. How did we put this sugar syrup? This sugar syrup
is not dripping out. You see half and half… You see this family is doing better than the other one, it only needed a half of a jar. Turn it around fast. We have
inside small holes. Holes are done with a small nail. This is the same nail we use to assemble the frames. These are very small holes. 1 or 2 millimeter and then close it. Flip it upside down. How do we make the sugar syrup? We put half jar sugar, fill it up with water, and then mix it. Mix it. After you mix it this sugar syrup is ready. How we put it inside? Inside, put like
this, flip it fast upside down. A little bit of sugar syrup will come out, that is normal. After that water won’t come out because the holes are very small. The vacuum is keeping the sugar syrup from dripping out. Then, put on the screen. Bees
have a seven-millimeter tongue, maximum, sometimes less. The bees have a special tongue that allows them to pick up this sugar syrup through the holes. Easy and safer for you. This way you don’t have to go inside the beehive, and they cannot sting you. Any beekeeper can do it like this. If you want to do it as a hobby or to save bees, this way is better for you and safe. When is the best time to buy bees? Better to buy bees, when the old bees are replaced with the new bees. It is springtime. Springtime in South Carolina starts towards the end of March, all April and into June. This is a good time to buy bees.
The old bees are replaced with new bees. Different area, if you live north area, New York, it’s better if you start buying bees in May because it may take longer for the new bees to arrive. Not bad, if you buy a swarm. Swarms are very good and ready to build comb, and have a lot of energy, it’s not bad, it’s good too. If you to buy
from local beekeeper a special nucleus with five frames, four frames brood and one frame honey,
it will be better if you buy it in April or May, you’ll be happy, this family will grow nicely and will bring honey for you this year and save some honey for winter. We’ll
look inside. You see? Bees right here. Screen. This screen is a window screen, we put it right here. Bees cannot sting you. Right now, outside 47, 48, degrees, or 47. The family is growing. Right here warm. They have picked up a little bit of sugar syrup, not too much. Sugar syrup, again, question, why put sugar syrup? The bees use sugar syrup to give the queen a fast start. She starts laying eggs. sugar syrup works like nectar, the old bees can start working on the brood right away, so that the new bees can come out and start bringing honey. If your old bees are slowly working on the brood, your family is not ready to pick up spring honey. You’ll have flowers on the trees but your family won’t be bringing honey. Why? Because the new bees are coming out too late. Old bees are not thinking about bringing honey or bringing nectar. Old bees in springtime are thinking about replacing themselves with new bees and put their energy into growing new bees. If you have new bees and too many bees your family can swarm. At this time, there is a lot of flowers on trees, and the bees bring a lot of nectar. If your family is not replaced with new bees on time, your family cannot bring honey for you.
Why this should interest you? Because you need to put sugar syrup early to give them a fast start. If they pick up a lot of sugar syrup… see like this, they have eaten the whole jar. This hive has a lot of bees. A lot of bees right here. Eating the whole jar. This family is much
better, a lot of bees, it’s maximum good. Why eat natural honey?
Why grow… why keeping bees? If you eat honey,
the statistics say beekeeper will have a long life. Over 80 years. Over 80 years. Long life
and healthy because the beekeeper always stays outside, and breathes fresh air, and always smells good things around the beehive, like honey, bee pollen, propolis, everything smells good.
This air is healthy for the lungs, and when you eat honey it’s good for the stomach and healthy. The honey has natural
antibiotics in it. Honey, if you eat it, 99.8% absorbs into the body and only 0.2% does not. If you eat honey every day, not sugar, honey, your consuming natural food, which will make healthy,
you’ll have a long life and your body will work freshly. You freshly, healthy, no go to the doctor, you’ll have a good feeling every day, and catch fun for life! Some people are afraid or too scared to start, too
hard or not too hard? If you’re not afraid of to be stung sometimes, yes it’s pain
a little bit, only people don’t die from this, (unless you’re allergic). For me,
not too many times, maybe one or two times, once in a while. Also, you need time to look inside the beehive. What time
should you be looking inside the beehive? If raining or cold, right now, do not open the beehive, and do not look inside. It must be 70 degrees, 65, 70 degrees, and warm outside. Sunshine. Afternoon. You must look inside the beehive, not too many times. Once per week you must look inside the beehive, it’s not too many times. Plus, you need to study a little bit, watch videos, read books, and learn a little bit of information. What to do? Why do you need to open a beehive? Why are you looking inside? What you’re doing inside? Changing a frame or what to do?
People open right here, and look right here, and say, “what to do? I don’t know.” The first step in springtime you must understand, inside must be honey, inside comb on the frames. If no honey, you must put sugar syrup, they need help. Because after winter, not every
bee family has a lot of honey left for springtime, because in springtime sometimes it’s
raining, or cold. Bees don’t fly right now, and beekeeper must be planning, okay,
no honey, need to put sugar syrup. If you have a lot of honey,
no problem, only a little bit of sugar syrup you still need to put for a very fast start. This is not too hard, it may take you one hour, two hours, to look inside the beehive, if you have one, two or three families. If you buy three packages this is normal because if you look inside three beehives you’ll have good practice. If you only have one family you won’t have as much practice. Queen died, you say “what to do? died queen.” How to do?” If you have two, three families, you will be able to fix it. You’ll pick up one frame with eggs and put it for another family where the queen died and the bees will develop a new queen themselves. Many times, bees live by themselves, one
year, two years, no one is looking inside those beehives. If you look inside, it will be much better.
People are smart and can help fix a bee family if a problem arises. When you’re looking inside, you’re always thinking, what do you need? Sometimes a family is sick, or family needs sugar
syrup or family needs more frames. Sometimes the family brings honey, and the hive needs honey extraction. If
a beehive has honeycomb, you take it out, cut it with a knife. you’re having fun. People come over
and eat your comb. It does not take too long to extract honey. Just a little bit of time, one or two hours per week, if you have three families, it’s okay.
What do you need? Better to buy unassembled parts. Don’t buy a set. If you buy a set it’s expensive. Better to buy two deep supers, two boxes. Right here and right here, and frame, and to buy better beeswax foundation in frames. Ten frames, ten
frames, and beeswax foundation. It’ll be cheap. On the bottom we always put plywood and on top, we can put metal. It will be cheaper. It’s very, very
cheap. If you to buy a whole set, like they sell in the catalog, you will pay four hundred and
fifty dollars. If you to buy one deep super and 10 frames, it will cost you $50 dollars. Beeswax foundation…
This is $50 dollars and this is $50 dollars, $100 dollars. $100 dollars two big supper boxes. on the bottom, you can put some
plywood and on top, you can put some plywood. It will be maybe $150 dollars, not $450 dollars. Some people buy the PLASTIC wax foundation. If you’re starting beekeeping do not buy PLASTIC wax foundation because it’s
more problematic. Bees like 100% natural beeswax. It’s too hard for bees to work with the PLASTIC wax foundation Natural beeswax foundation is much easier to work with. Please, questions, comment below the video and
we’ll try to answer. Click the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE! Click the BELL button for new videos. Next video, we’ll try to answer your questions. Good luck.


  1. Look, I'm in love with your father's way of teaching beekeeping! Congrats on both of you for sharing his knowledge in such a simple and straightforward way. Thanks.

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  3. I have a wild hive in a stucco support pillar holding up an overhanging roof. I would like to get them out and start bee keeping, but I don’t know when would the best time of the year would give them the best survival chance. I don’t think I’m going to try to move then till next year. I just hope they will be fine where they are at till then. I’m trying to get prepared by having a hive ready and learning more about bee keeping. It’s been raining off and on here. I’m worried that the pollen from the flowers around here have been washed off the flowers. Should I try to setup a sugar water feeder as close as I can to the hive entrance?

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