Backyard Beekeeping

I guess I got started beekeeping after I
took a class with the Montgomery County Beekeepers Association. It was held over
this past winter. It was just a class in the evenings for about six weeks or
something like that and I met a bunch of Master beekeepers and they gave us lots
of tips and pointed us toward suppliers that they trusted and even you know sort
of like a mentorship program and at one point I got to actually go to someone
else’s hive in you know try it out myself before I got my own bees. I was actually
afraid at first a little bit I think everyone has a fear of bees just in them and it was interesting how quickly that fear goes away I think maybe because of
the protection of the veil and having these bees crawl on your hands and it
really is kind of a rush but you also just like get over the fear. My neighbors,
they were pretty excited actually. I spoke to everyone adjacent to my property and was like hey I’m thinking about getting bees. I think I did most of it while shoveling snow this past winter
so they maybe didn’t think much of it. I think maybe they expect they’ll get some
honey sometime and that’s exciting. There’s not a huge storm of bees in our
backyard and like we can’t go outside, it’s they’re just they’re just
in about like a 10 foot radius around the box. Some advice I’d give to a first-time
beekeeper would be to reach out to someone who’s already
beekeeper and let them show you how it’s done, let you get into the hive and see
if this is something you can mentally handle. I would definitely recommend beekeeping. It’s very easy it takes just a few hours every weekend, it’s about the
same as keeping your yard up, it’s something I just tack on the end of
cutting the grass and picking the tomatoes. I think the only surprising thing
at all maybe that I’ve enjoyed it so much!


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