Theres a place in your house where it is cool
to chill get some me time or even cook a meal its your kitchen mo fo aint no time to slack,
so just grab yourself a pinny, and just work that ass, if you are scared of this place
aint no need to bother just lay down your weapons and pick up another. Yes hello folks a little bit of a walk down
memory lane the old school my virgin kitchen rap some of you were saying bring it back
so I thought I would just bring it back for a giggle if some of you were saying what was
that just look at my videos from years ago I used to do that I do not know why and it
is pretty funny looking back and maybe I will release it as a single and sell one copy ok
folks so today we are making an absolutely gorgeous chicken stuffed with cheese wrapped
in bacon little bit of thyme in there stonking alongside some homemade chips, my favourite
method of making homemade chips or French fries homemade just simple and gorgeous. So lets get on and do it if you want to try
this the full recipe is on my website alright lets do it. I am going to start off by making the chips
as I am in the mood for them and they are gorgeous these are some good quality baking
potatoes give them a quick wash I am going to leave the skin on you can take it off if
you prefer I like that rustic feel. So with the potato we halve it, halve again
and these will be more like wedge type chips but nice and chunky like this now as you slice
your potato it is going to feel a little bit wet you do not want that in there that is
starch folks so we pat dry our slices. Do this with all of them do not do them one
at a time or it will take hours and that is a nice bone dry bit of potato so all I am
going to do is keep repeating those steps slicing the potato into chips and then just
rubbing off that starch. I have my assistant today so an easy way to
do this rather than kitchen towel one at a time is to grab the potatoes then just chuck
them into your teatowel and get your assistant oh these are not ready, get the assistant
to rub them so that will pat dry basically all the starch off in one go. Ok so down goes our dried potato slices it
is really important that when we put them in the oven they are really nice and spread
and they are dry right now but we are going to lubricate them up this is just some olive
oil you could use vegetable oil, chilli oil anything you like chilli oil would add some
great flavour so we lubricate this it helps the salt and pepper stick to it also will
help it cook and get a real nice colour on there, so by acting like a glue like that
we can grind our seasoning on so loads of black pepper again a bit of a mix mix oh yeah
if you really want pepper flip them over and do that side too so this is a sprinkle of
salt on there this is the big flaky stuff you can crunch yourself so really is cool
that will stick to it too. Last little mixy mix and arrange them so they
are not overlapping eachother. They are ready to go in the oven, it is randomly
just started thunder and lightning I am not sure if this is a message mrs barry someone
may be telling us something it could be imagine if we get a power cut oh no anyhow this is
a chicken breast oh what is that, I do not know what that was think it was a herb or
something going to make a gradual incision first of all along the chicken breast and
once you get a little bit of an opening you can just start to work your way through it
to create this kind of like fold or kangaroo pouch that is what we are going to call it
a pouch of chicken. Just trying to get right in there and create
that pocket wow that is a serious storm, so I am quite happy with that we have a nice
big old pouch like that. So this is half of a mozzarella ball and what
I am doing is tearing chunks maybe about an inch in size just chucking shards of it in
there like that so I am just grating up a block of cheese this is not standard cheddar
this is smoked Applewood cheddar will give some awesome smoky flavour in there too I
would love to eat this cold but as you guys know once it is in this chicken and melted
I am going to love it. Squeeze in say over a teaspoon of honey and
this is some wholegrain mustard so a good tablespoon of that you could use other types
of mustard like French mustard you could use horseradish mustard that I discovered the
other day and then use the same spoon to just mix this together to create our filling for
our chicken I have to tell you that is smelling gorgeous right now it is quite nice and thick
like a stuffing which will be perfect for our chicken which we will fill right now. I just want to show you this I have never
seen them huddled together before like this maybe because of the storm so strength in
numbers lets stuff our chicken. So folks we have our chicken here, this is
two rashers of bacon a little bit of thyme and our cheesy filling ready to go so all
we are going to do is take our chicken breast now do not worry at this point if there is
a little split in it I think I saw one a moment ago the bacon will hopefully shield most of
that so what we will do is get our cheesy filling it is quite firm so will hold its
shape do not over fill it but be generous at the same time and the honey is optional
you do not have to put that in there it is just going to give it a sweet kick, oh yeah. This is my second take of doing this the first
time, no pun intended I forgot the thyme and I just did it again mrs barry has reminded
me right so the thyme goes in there nice herb to give it a real dose of extra flavour goes
really well with chicken also get some lemon thyme too and of course mc hammer does hammer
time we get that chicken fold it over again and it does look like a breast again but also
a chicken thigh, so with a chicken thigh what you could do is the opposite of flattening
it out cramming with filling and rolling with the bacon like so speaking of which we just
grab our bacon and then just roll it over like so you want a sort of sit them on the
creases at the end and slice off the flappy bits. There we go that is those bits done lets get
it on a lined baking tray so sat on there with another we made earlier we are ready
for the oven now, they are in the oven now I have put the chips on the top shelf at first
and we jig them round half way through with the chicken just underneath and they should
finish at the same time remember all the info you need is on the website
it is out of the oven folks took 35 minutes in total remember to turn the chips over they
are looking gorgeous the chips here is the chicken I am loving the mustard has spilt
out a bit but what I have got here is a little pot and a pastry brush with some honey on
it so just ramp that honey mustard edge up a touch little more shine little more sweetness
on that bacon you could have brushed the bacon in that too but this does it too kind of like
varnishing it get that all over, we are going to serve it up with the chips now and I am
very impressed with mrs barrys presentation skills the chips are in a little ramekin pot
we have stood them up high with a little ramekin pot there too and there goes down our sticky
honey mustard bacon wrapped chicken breast that is a mouthful to say and is an amazing
mouthful to eat. Here we go chicken oh my gosh that is so tender
cutting through that bacon can you see that there we have that lovely honey oh it is oozing
out oh yeah the cheesy filling there, so good, suppose I better have a taste surprise surprise
the pugs have expressed an interest to want and try some chicken bacon all that flavour
there dunk it in the ketchup and shove a chip in my mouth how romantic. Oh my gosh, super soft, super tender actually
one of the primary flavours in there is the herby thyme so good I have made it now it
is your turn so when you try it do not forget to send a picture on social media we love
to see your attempts whatever platform you are on we are on most of them do not forget
to subscribe for regular videos recipes twice a week and Sunday funday see you next time
guys it is a proper stonker, my mind is telling me nooooooo, owww, sorry.


  1. This recipe reminds me of one Louis from One Direction once made. He took the chicken and stuffed it only with mozzarella then wrapped it with parma ham and served it with homemade mash and gravy.

  2. In Germany we call the pouch you made at 3:32 the "butterfly-cut" because it Looks like a butterfly when you finished cutting

    Nice Video by the way and please keep the good work Up

  3. Keep it loved the intro with the we song you should keep it! Maybe even make one with Misses Barry and the kids for different once so when misses Barry is baking have her do a we intro song different from yours then if your all in one together you the kids and misses Barry do one together 🙂

  4. Don't bring back the rap. Never again. Leave your youthful past behind, play something classical, get a monocle and a top hat and embrace your age.

  5. you should try this on your chips/ fries sometime: dried powdered mustard, cayenne ( a little bit…or a lot), lemon pepper and garlic powder and salt. Flavorful and magically delicious!!

  6. the new youtube app for my tablet confuses me… I'm used to being unable to click your annotations/links at the end… now I hit one by accident and had to come back to this video to comment lol

  7. When I learned to make French fries, I was taught to soak the potato slices in water for a bit until all thr starch rises tk the top and then rinse them and dry them.

  8. Hey Barry! I was wondering if you could just put some oil in a mixing bowl and dump the potato wedges in there and toss them like a salad instead of dumping the oil all over the baking tin? Just curious! Cheers!

  9. Barry!!!!! Could Ya make a challenge kinda series of cooking with Mrs Barry like who makes the best cakes or food in this amount time and mabye Chloe and Phoebe could be the judge 🙂

  10. this is a link to 4 easy 3 step recipes for fun treats! Thought you could try one Barry or would love for Mrs Barry to 🙂 🍫

  11. this was the first time I've watched one of your videos thats not a gadget or around the world taste tests and even though i don't like whole mustard this all looks amazing! might have to try it i can make it for my hubby !! 🤔🤗😍

  12. You make orgasmic noises when looking at your food and I laugh every time. Also I'm American and your accent is amazing. lol

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