Bake honey cakes. Christmas Time. Video for Kids / Стеша печет Медовые рождественские пряники

Hello everyone, you are on the channel Stesha TV Kids Hey, Stesha, wave Today we will bake honey cookies Yes, Stesha? – Yeah) Starting? – Yes! Pour some water Carefully pour Good girl! Now take the flour Now take the egg Apply pressure with your fingers and pull your Drop the egg! Great! Well Done, Stesha Stesha mixes) Stesha pours flour Good girl!) Now you need to stir Can I pour? – Yes Stesha get the dough Take the dough with your hands and put it on the table Good Put it in the middle Knead it with your hands Perfectly Strew with flour, and then you will roll out Now take the rolling pin and roll Stesha has prepared the figures of the cookies That’s how they turned out. – Can I eat? We’ll eat them after we bake them in the oven Let’s put the cookies in the oven Cool! Take and carry Good girl) And now we wait Stesha waiting for bake our cookies Yes, Stesha? Stesha show me how you waiting for Here is so awaits Stesha) Waiting for the cookies to be baked They’re starting to bake They’ll be ready soon Look out the window, will they be ready soon? Not yet Almost Get them Here’s what we got Stesha pulls out the last cookies Take it from here and put it here On a plate Take out all the cookies All you need to put on a plate, well done, Stesha) Delicious? – Yeah Get the rest Stesha paints a snowflake Stesha strives hard Drawing a man? Draw him red pants Stesha decorated a lot of cookies Look how beautiful it is! Stesha does like a mother Stesha decided to treat our gnome honey cookies Knock, knock! Eat cookies We brought you the most delicious cookies Eat and enjoy! One cookie we hang on the tree That’s cool Stesha made a cookie and hung it on the Christmas tree as a Christmas toy Stesha decided to hang another cookie on the tree Bang! Pick up) Find a place Hang it so that it doesn’t fall Now bear hanging on the tree Funny bear! Seems to be holding up Great!!! Here’s a beauty today we gave Stesha Subscribe to our channel And like it. Bye! Bye!

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