Barnyard (2/10) Movie CLIP – Wrong Number (2006) HD

Little tight. As I was saying, remember tonight at the hoedown, it’s free cider night. Hey. Hey, Pig, I think there’s a dead bee in your nostril. That’s not dead. Okay, the first matter at hand: Gray market goods. As if I needed to say it again. The purchase of human articles from the gopher underground is strictly prohibited. Hello, Moto! Hey, Otis. Yeah, listen, I think your Nikes are… Yeah, this really isn’t the best time. Hang on a second. Frankie, come here. Frankie, come here. No, I’m not… Come here. I’m not gonna hurt you. Frankie, come here. I told you never to do that again, as long as I live! Now, put it over there! Now! Sorry about that. Frankie’s out of hand. Oh, the Nikes. What’s the make again? Yeah. Yeah, I really should go, Mr. Jordan Air. Wrong number. Thank you.

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