Basic langstroth beehive

it’s cheap homesteading here and I
thought I’m gonna take a few minutes and we’re gonna go over the equipment I use
when I started beekeeping I really really researched what
equipment I’m gonna use I thought well am I gonna go top bar hive am I going to
go weary hive am I gonna use lang straw and it just became obvious to me that
there’s a lot of equipment around for Lang straw hives and it’s easy to
purchase stuff if you have to purchase it and I thought okay this is the way to
go but we have to do a little more of a holistic approach to beekeeping but just
use a blank drop box there’s no reason why you can’t because the Lang’s drop
box is a box a hole it’s like a tree there’s no reason why you can’t use the
lang strop system and do it more in a natural way just how you manage your
hives and what you do to your hives and how you treat your hives or not treat
your hives so that is why I chose what the equipment I chose just because it is
used pret all there’s a lot of it used and sometimes we just don’t have to like
reinvent the wheel every time we have a problem
we just got to look at what we can do to change it enough that it works better
for us so that’s basically what I use so basically a standard Lang straw 5
consists of a lid and an inner cover so this is where it starts to change
because if I use a piece of three spy wood with a notch for my inner cover
they do work a little bit but I normally use a fairly good-sized rock on top of
the lid so the lids don’t blow up so I’ve never had a real issue with it and
here’s the whole insight so this is how they come in and out so when you have
the notch and that cover on top you have a 3/8 hole
for them to come in and out and they just seem to that that’s just awesome
for the minutes good venting for moisture so the next thing I do is run
foundationless frames some people use strips of wax for the
beast to build their comb on I think it’s so much more economical and less
time-consuming over the long run if you just use a strip of wood I just think
that if you have a problem or comb you have to cut out you cut it out it’s
ready to go back in the high if you don’t have to glue another strip in or
anything like that so I just find it’s less time over the long run and here’s
and here’s what it looks like when they start building comb they build it thick
this one here they built it a little off to the side which I don’t really worry
about too much because when they fill this out at the very top somehow they
they’ll build this side up after so where you worry is when they start
trying to go in between the frames that’s bad this is actually pretty good
they’re gonna build this down on the rest of the way and then they will fill
in the edges and they will actually fill in this side because they want to use as
much space in the hive as they can so that is almost perfect for a start
anyways how I build my boxes are a little different than a lot of people I
didn’t think of it though it’s the Alaskan extension office I believe and
it has a beekeeping how to start beekeeping thing and they show how they
build these boxes like at least a picture of it I can’t remember and I
thought this was the best design because making those box joints are like crazy
like it takes a bit of time and a little bit of work but just but joining it and
screwing it is bad too because this doesn’t have as much strength especially
like warping wood and everything so I found this was like a little
of a happy medium and it worked good for me okay so the way I make the corners is
there’s one big tab for one side one big tab for the other and this gives a
pretty strong corner it’s not like a full box joint it’s probably not as
strong as a full box joint but it’s much stronger than just a butt joint and
nailed and loot and I just found it worked really well so I got away from
cutting notches in the high bodies I noticed I always have strips of wood
around and I can glue them and staple them and you have a much bigger surface
to hold on to so I just find it works better okay so now I’m going to lift the
box uh-huh so this is my bottom board it’s a screen bottom board I make them
myself and they work pretty good so I don’t know if I’ll continue having all
my hive screen bottom boards because I haven’t noticed a big difference in the
amount of mites in the hive if I have a scream about a mourner or not so I might
start doing a little bit of a test some solid sunscreen and just see if it makes
any difference so that is within our use and I hope you guys have a good one


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