*Beauty Hack* Covering Your Face With Honey?

What happens when you wash your face
with honey? It’s a powerful facial cleanser, its antibacterial, it nourishes,
it moisturizes, it’s anti-inflammatory, it’s great for sensitive skin, it’s great
for acne. All of this is done with our precious honey that comes from the tiny
little honey bee. The Romans used it as a beauty treatment. Cleopatra did and she
knew the power of honey. She used it as part of her secret rituals. The
anti-aging youth benefiting effect of honey is so remarkable. You think about
bacteria that can form on the skin., it has a pH of about 7. Honey has 3.5. That
literally creates an environment where bacteria cannot rest. I’m applying the
honey all over my face. You even see I’m going over my lips and applying it on my
cheeks and I keep this upward motion. My skin is absorbing so much of the
vitamins and minerals and the enzymes that are found in honey so it’s not like
a regular cleanser. In fact, it’s so powerful that I like to put it over my
eyebrows because my eyebrows also get nourished. The best kind of honey to use
to cleanse your face is the kind that is raw unprocessed organic and natural.
We are literally poisoning our skin with hundreds and hundreds of chemicals every
day. By washing your face with honey for 30 days,
you can expect more moisture clear beautiful fresh complexion, the reduction
in the signs of aging, you can expect a more beautiful glow. Alternatively if
you’re not into putting the sticky honey on your face every night, I get it. I have
a solution. Which is another product that I have called sweet bee magic. It’s a
combination of honey, the propolis that’s found in honey, beeswax all of the
amazing ingredients along with some olive oil and you can use that as an
alternative and click on my website below to find out more information.
Thanks so much for watching I’ll see you next time.


  1. What a great tip!! What type of honey do you use? How long do you keep it on your face before washing it off?

  2. I recently ordered your skin care products on your website. How do I incorporate the Bee Magic cream? Love honey for the skin 🙂

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