Bee Hive Removal: Hey… Bees… Get Outta My Carport!

Afternoon YouTube, We are over here on the
other side of Batesville, Mississippi. Got a phone call to do a cutout of a carport
that they are doing some work on. As you can see there are a lot of bees in
there. She said they have been there about a month
or two. So let’s dig in, see what we got, and get
our beekeeping game on! Yeah we are fixing to make some friends with
the ladies here. (saw cutting) What do you need? (off screen) Grunting in background. And there is what we have in here. I think it is safe to say these have been
here a lot longer than a month. There are a lot of bees in there. A lot of old comb. Let’s see if we can’t start getting these
guys vacuumed up. You can see they have got a section of siding
here that they have removed. And that is where they have crawled in to. So, let’s get this thing going. Alright we are going to start cutting some
of this comb out of here and see what we have got. Look at that. See now, that one is loaded with honey. That is all honey right there. Let’s see what we have got in here. See, there are a lot of bees in there. Starting to rubber band it into some frames. (off screen)How far in there are they love? There’s at least another layer of comb behind
this one. So that’s at least three deep. Lot of bees. It’s too bad I didn’t get a shot of my lovely
bride, one of the honey bees came out of there and started chasing her down the drive way,
so everybody got a good show of her running down the highway screaming trying to swat
the bee away from her. It ended up getting her in the neck. That was a, not necessarily the most humorous
thing in the world but it would have been an interesting video anyway. I did go ahead and try the DirtRooster beauty
method, took a sting or two, so let’s see if it doesn’t, you know, help me out a little
bit. Alright, on my way back from getting that
cutout. I got about fifteen frames of honeycomb some
with some capped brood, a good bit with capped brood. Some with some honey and some with just some
old comb that smells good and stinky like they like. I’m going to go ahead and put this out in
the back bee yard. It’s getting kind of late in the year, I’m
not sure if they are going to survive it or not. We are pushing September here shortly. But, I am going to go ahead and feed them
up. Hope for the best, if they make it, they make
it. If they don’t, then, well, we did what we
could. Either way, there were a lot of bees in that
house, carport, I guess I should say, but it was a good cut out, so we appreciate you
watching. Take care. Hit LIKE. Hit SUBSCRIBE. And we are about to go get our pizza. Have a good night.


  1. OMG…. that was a TON of bees in that carport! What happens when they get what THEY would consider overpopulated? Do they quit producing more bees or what? I'm here on Youtube to find out what to do with MY situation. I was surprised to find more than a couple of videos of bee hives being removed from compost tumblers and THAT is exactly what I have here. I'm not sure how much actual "hive" is in the tumbler, but it wasn't there last winter, soo… I can't believe they'd choose that environment because when the sun hits it midday and afternoon, it's WAY past hot (central Texas summer is no joke) here. I am thrilled that there ARE bees here as I don't have much of a garden due to lack of bees in the past, BUT, I don't think I have enough growing here to foster good health for them. Anyway… enjoyed your bee removal and I know about one bee gettin' pissed off and chasing you. So far, mine are extremely docile, but the way I found out about them was when I was going to trim some limbs from a tree by the compost tumbler and a few of them "warned" me off! Hey… no problem! I was going back in the house anyway! LOL

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