1. Music too loud compared to the voice. I'm not English motehr tongue and some parts are hard to understand.

  2. Hi there, lovely video,,I just wondered if you could help me. I am wanting to take some video of insects for a project I'm working on. I just wondered if you could give me any information at all on the type of camera and lens you used to capture this beautiful film, I know ultra high speed cameras are very expensive but I think if I could get something at about the speed of this film it would work for me. any help on this would be so much appreciated . Keep up the wonderful work…

  3. Excellent footage! What equipment did you use to capture it? Especially the scene from inside the entrance… it's breathtaking!

  4. I love bees 🐝 i watch them around afternoon and see them with their baskets of pollen, so cute, sometimes i see a bee on the rain water tank collecting water. My heart shrinks whenever i see an injured bee and i do my best to help them, i place them on a flower and give them drops of water or sugar/honey water. The most hardworking creature yet the way they die is brutal 🙁 People should be educated about the bees and stop killing them in anyways. Thanks to you and people like you for spreading the word

  5. Wow! Interesting video! I'm working on the activity about the honeybees with pollens for preschoolers. I understand about the information on the honeybees doing with pollen. Thanks, man!

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