Bee Together with Flow™ Hive

(gentle cheerful music) – The holiday season is
a special time of year for so many people. It’s a great chance to really be together with your loved ones. Where we live, the weather is warming up, and it’s a great time to be outdoors. So instead of going on a trip, we invite family and close
friends to our place, and we camp in a field just near our beehives. It’s been a tradition for many years. It’s a time we really set aside to connect with nature and be(e) together, and of course, as a beekeeping family, spending time working the hives is another way we like to be(e) together. I’ve got such fond memories when I was a kid of working the hives on
my grandfather’s farm with my grandfather and my dad and my brothers, and now to see my own son so interested in bees is just amazing. – [Child] Bees. Honey. – We hear and meet so
many Flow Hive beekeepers who appreciate how keeping bees has brought them closer in connecting with their loved ones and with nature through the shared experience of caring for these marvelous creatures. – My favorite part of beekeeping is spending time with Terri. (cheerful music) – It was obvious that it was such a peaceful and entertaining experience, so every time we get honey, we make sure all our friends come over and experience it ’cause
it’s really special. (cheerful music) – Follow the link below to find out about great holiday specials to help you share this
wonderful experience with your family and your friends. (cheerful music)


  1. Wow, I did not expect to see a monarch butterfly there in Australia! Thank you for your invention and for sharing it with the world! Happy Holidays to all of you there as you go into summer, while my home is blanketed in white. I am glad that you are reaping the rewards for your hard work and innovative methods. May you have a grand 2017! All the best to the entire flow family 🙂

  2. I must buy one. We live on the edge of a Manuka forest which we use for motorcross and mountain biking and dog walking. Would be so cool to make your own Manuka honey.

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