Beekeeping: Adding on a quilt box

I’m now looking at the hive next door
I’m really hoping to do a quick inspection and then smoke it really well
to hide any smell of honey in the air Let’s see how they’re doin’. *Lid cracks* *Lid thuds on ground* Relatively small but they still got
their honey Just going to slap on this quilt box *puff* don’t want any bees in here this should
be contained I thought I saw a reducer just to block
the wasps this is a nice healthy little colony. *thud* *tap* *tap* I just want to make that entrance
as small as possible now this honey super this is the honey super I actually stole
from another hive, put it on there still honey in it so they they haven’t been
robbed yet, but I just wanted to make it exit no way a done just landed in there…
that’s crazy we say it’s crazy because it’s October
and usually the drones have disappeared by now but this hive still has a good
amount of bees and a full honey super that I stole right here off another hive
so I’m thinking you know they’re still down below I’ve made that entrance as
small as possible hoping that this hive does well

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