Beekeeping Basics : Beekeeping: Construction of Commercial Grade Honeycombs

The honey combs. In this particular box there
is eight honey combs in the box. Its kind of nice to have to have a little room for
the bee’s to put more honey in and make the cone a little thicker. But you see the basic
pattern of the honeycomb it started with that wax foundation that we showed you in the original
box and these have already been used these are actually several years old and they work
out quite nicely. We use then again and again. You spin the honey out put them back on the
bees and they fill them up. One cone will hold a, can hold up to four pounds of honey.
Now when we actually work in a beehive this is a hive tool its very important tool cause
the bees tend to stick to stick everything together with glue and propolis. Propolis
is a substance they get from buds of trees so they kind of use it for their caulking
material. But you can pry them out of these little areas and work with them. You can go
through and look at the bees once we get into the bee hive. Where were looking there or
just to pull the cones out to see how much honey is in them or to pull them out to extract
the honey. Which happens a little bit later after the honey flow is finished.


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