Beekeeping, Day 116, 3 Hives, 2 Queens, 1 Virgin

So today I’m out here again by myself I don’t know what kind of video quality we’re gonna have and I’m not sure on the audio quality as well I did buy a new audio recorder, but unfortunately, the microphone that I have doesn’t work with it So I’m waiting for the new microphone to come in. So hopefully everything will go smooth We’re going to check the main hive and see what they’re doing with the Queen cells, and we’re gonna go through the nucs Fairly quick there are a lot of clouds moving around and it’s a little windier than I’d like it to be But I only have so much time to do this and I want to keep things up to par and on track. Last week I had a couple questions about my smoker I’m trying a couple different things And we’re gonna see how it goes, so far this has been lit for about 10 minutes and it’s still burning So we shouldn’t have any problems But we’ll find out as we go along I’m gonna check the main hive first this time just to see Now from what I can see in here this first frame does not have a lot drawn on it yet and the second frame they’re pushing over pretty well. So… we might have to do something about that. And they’re still filling this with nectar and honey. And the same thing, just nectar and honey. I’m not expecting anything else right now, because even if the Queen’s emerged She shouldn’t be laying It would be a virgin queen But this is the frame that the cells are on So, let’s see what they’ve done with it Well, the Queen cells are open So a queen has emerged And you can see that the other cells have been chewed out. I went through a couple of the frames. I didn’t see her I’m not gonna spend a lot of time looking for her because if she just emerged she’s probably not mated yet but we’ll come out here next week and take a look at the main hive again and See if she’s starting to lay eggs yet. I Don’t want to use a lot of smoke in the main hive until she gets established and her pheromone gets spread around I don’t want to disguise the pheromone with smoke and have the bees Interact inappropriately, so we’re gonna check through these nucs real quick and See what they’re doing The Queen’s not on the inner cover And she is laying Eggs larvae and capped brood It’s a nice frame of capped brood, larvae, and eggs And the same thing on this side Now it’s my understanding There’s a lot of concern about how late I’ve split this hive and I am a little concerned, but I’m taking it day by day And hopefully they will do what they need to do And we’re going to try to Give them a little bit of food, maybe another frame or two and I might end up putting them in a bigger box Depending on how they do over the next few weeks It’s capped brood and larva and there’s the Queen So she’s in here laying up the cells And doing a good job The nice thing about going through a nuc is this is a four frame nuc There’s not a lot to pull through so it’s fairly quick The downside is they can over populate it quick But I’m not that concerned about overpopulating Because I really want them to Increase in colony size And a quick inspection of the Blue nuc Building that comb out a little bit Lots of capped brood And the wind is picking up a little bit so we’re gonna make this fairly quick Now let’s get them back together and I see eggs So the blue nuc and the green nuc are doing well we have an emerged Queen in the main hive we’re gonna wait until she gets mated and Hopefully she’ll have enough time to build up for winter we’re gonna go day by day and see how they make it and Worst case scenario we have to combine the hives Either way, we don’t know what they’re going to do for the winter whether they’re going to make it or not I want to give them the best opportunity so giving them more hives to work with gives me a better chance of getting at least one of these colonies to make it through the season and like I said one day at a time and we’ll see what happens Like, share, and subscribe. And as always, Thanks for watching.


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