Beekeeping For Beginners – How to Expand a Beehive & Why

hi everybody, we have idea doing expand with
second-floor, second box because too many bees maybe and separate, put queen excluder and we’ll be show how doing today this process please look
and if you have questions, no problem comment below we’ll be answered for you. this family needed if you not doing expand second box this family
may swarm or stop working because cannot bring honey and plus if you have
more room family not stop working because more… business go up, more nectar, build comb if
small room bees stay outside sometimes if not swarm and sits right here
because too sauna inside, for brood no good if… -if it’s too hot? -too hot for brood it is
high-temperature brood can die right here bees young bees born and inside stay too
hot, too hot ike sauna everybody go outside because inside we have small
baby brood, eggs, brood, eggs, no like it too hot because they will die, everybody who is…
too many bees who is no work young go outside, push out inside temperature
must be same like body people and not too hot no sauna because brood will die
because everybody who is no needed extra bees pushing outside go go go
outside everybody sits, lay down and sleeping it’s no good for beekeeper
everybody must be working, because beekeeper want honey I have idea everybody wants
honey and bees needed honey for winter beekeeper needed honey
please looks will be trying looking inside right now need put second
super because too many bees inside you look right here right here bees
like this like this and we pick up every frame and show for you bees
sits together every frame, too many right now need take out, take out right now this drone and honey put right here too -so you’re putting all the honey frames in here?
-yes try to put on top honey, honey… -but no brood? -…and closed brood is fine too
right now put right here five frames leave right here inside put one side
five frames one two three four five this side we
have open brood and this side open brood, nectar and on top because
last baby go outside and nectar come in right here we can extraction and three
and one more four why doing like this I show for, you see too many bees too many
bees and more baby born it will be family have idea, why? too many too many what doing right here? right here put more frames this side family if problem easy grow on this side, easy temporarily put right here, good, put right here very nice
family very easy grow side easy and try put full ten frames, try put always
ten frames -so so they don’t build wild comb -yes
later we’ll be looking if construction right here change, change put new in the nests -later we’ll rearrange them so they can build the comb better
and faster? if you have queen inside we put right here four frames five five
five frames half, Queen inside and put queen excluder another five frames put wax foundation -and you use a 100% natural beeswax? -natural beeswax 100%. Not rite cell plastic foundation and put right here
why need queen excluder? queen will be start working inside lay down eggs lay down eggs no go
up, up will have honey only it’s a… this is protection for Queen and named
Queen excluder. Queen cannot go up because she more diameter and bees small
diameter bees go from Queen excluder up and down.
Right now put right here box – so that the Queen doesn’t lay eggs on the
second deep super? -yes -so why would you… why would you want to do it that way for
honey extraction? -this will be a… show for you again queen bottom we have right here
see like this again, brood go outside too many bees brood go
outside bees start put honey right here see like this honey on top closed and
cover the whole frame with honey you’ll be extraction easy if you not put queen
excluder queen come on upstairs empty area and she put lay down eggs
it will be… cannot extraction honey because eggs fly out if you put extractor
you try put top box honey and nectar right here, you see,
not too many brood this honey and nectar stay always side if you put closed brood
fine if you put open brood fine after twenty one days you can extraction you won’t have a problem. right now put four or five frames upstairs second floor right here frame put right here. it’s honey too. ready. next step put right
here wax foundation put right here five frames. family divided five frames
nest bottom five frames on top. It’s easy and fast and moving like this and put more 5
frames. -family expanded expanded. family expanded half
family bottom half top second floor this family don’t have hot situation don’t
have sauna inside because if hot everybody go another side not stay
everybody here, go right here if cold everybody go to nest like this
it’s much better I’m doing like this always and we don’t have problem
cold outside hot outside bees if hot go work this side for wax foundation if cold
leave wax foundation go to nest maybe brood and save brood. ok right now we ready, wait time. -so after 21 days if they… if there’s a lot of honey in there you can
extract it? yeah after twenty-one days we can extraction honey it’s no problem or
extraction early if you don’t have brood inside no problem
if you’re looking full frames no brood, extraction. -so it takes 21 days for the brood to come out?
twenty-one days maximum wait if you don’t want wait you looking 10
days later if you’re looking no brood you can extraction no problem
put comment below put bell. subscribe. questions everything we’ll answer
because we cannot speak on every topic for you if you have some questions, correct
information we can try answer for you. good luck.


  1. Thanks for watching everyone!! Better subtitles coming soon! 🙂 Its ok to put drones in the second deep super only If you have a second entrance there!

  2. 😂Дядя Паша в своем репертуаре. However in this case of hive overgrowth, i checkerboard the frames in the hive. First frame in my bottom box is a frame with pollen and some honey, then a frame with brood and next is a new frame. Continue down to the wall with a last frame. Place a queen excluder and fill up the second box just like uncle Pavel said. However, if you're looking to expand your apiary you can cheat a little bit. Collect all your honey frames in the separate box and checkerboard the first two bottom boxes. Place a queen excluder on top of a second box then add a box that contains all your honey frames. Keep checking a hive for the new frames in the bottom two boxes to be drawn out and the queen seeding in these new frames. As soon as you have that, split your 'hive of Babylon'😁 that you created. Thus, you can safely make two splits out of your hive and retain majority of your initial hive. If, this is hard for you to grasp. Listen to uncle Pavel😁

  3. thank you so much! I am a first year beekeeper as well. I enjoy watching you and your father. I have learned so much. Can a first year package be split into 2 to make to hives? If so when would be the time so both can have a chance to build a strong family for winter? Thank You

  4. Enjoy getting Pavel's knowledge, I saw someone else move some broad to the second box but I don't understand why? is it just to get the bees use to it? thanks again

  5. He I Pavel how about the drones Sir thei are still in the second box with the queen excluder that's not good

  6. My beehive survived winter, it came out strong. I split the hive then like a month later, I did not see sighs of a queen. I put a frame with eggs from my main hive, a week later my main hive swarmed. I put the bees in a new box then the following week they swarmed again, because I did not see signs yet of a queen in my split I moved my first swarm to the split box to free the box for the new swarm. I'm sure I saw virgin queens in my 2nd swarm and my main hive, and my split has to have the queen of the first swam. A week later I did not find eggs in any of them. Pavel whats your opinion about the whole thing?. I know they swarmed because I did not really took care of them.

  7. Love the video content. I see some mention drones in the top box trapped by queen excluder. So, why not put a top entrance. Then the drones can leave. When they return, wouldn’t they return to the bottom box?.

  8. Thanks for another great video. Won’t putting brood above the queen excluder lead to trapped drones?

  9. just found your channel and it's fantastic! Everyone worrying about drones in top box….not a problem to shake off the bees prior to moving frames and adding excluder. thanks for the info, i'm subscribing.

  10. I love your videos! Thank you! Does Pavel always have only one brood box and then supers on top? I see so many videos where the beekeeper recommends two brood boxes and then the super.

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