Beekeeping friends harvest their first Flow Hive honey in Germany

Hi, I’m Dennis Ritter
from Gelsenkirchen. I’m 26 years old. I work
in the fire service in Dortmund. Hello, my name is Robin.
I come from Wanne-Eickel. That’s a town in the Ruhr,
in North Rhine-Westphalia. I’ve been beekeeper since two years, I started in spring 2016. Robin was the one who started it
and then we thought about it, and decided to start
the beekeeping business together. Of course, at first we had
a lot of problems, but meanwhile, now, in the second year,
we’ve got the knack of it. Today has been the first… the first
harvest and it has made us very proud. Today came reporters,
one from Flow Hive, and then another one
from our local newspaper, and another one from
Das Deutsche Bienen-Journal, a beekeeping-magazine from Germany,
and there were also our friends and relatives
to support us. The thing is that –
after a lot of work that we had lately, we had our first harvest today, we’ve
tested the honey and it tasted good. And… It’s really very, very good.
Totally good. It’s good! We’ve started…
When I started as a beekeeper, we’ve got ourselves books,
read them through and then contacted
our local beekeepers association. The thing is that we…
Since we’re very young, they assigned us
immediately a partner, with whom we did everything, applying
the “learning by doing” method. That way it was of course
much easier to learn everything. Every time when we had some questions,
we could go to the colleague and talk to him about everything. He was always by our side
when we had questions, he also came here
and showed us how it goes. Beekeeping has definitely, kind of,
changed my soul a bit. On one hand, you’re connected to nature.
But it’s a lot more than it used to be. You just, kind of, get a feeling for it, how exhausting it can be to obtain
some food products, considering the whole production process.
Those products become much more valuable. Yes, when you’re beekeeper, you
look at the world a bit differently. You look at trees,
at… all around. You watch out a bit more
for your environment, for the bees, as well. Earlier, the bees were a bit… I won’t
say nobody paid attention to them, but eventually we aren’t able
to imagine the world without bees. In the end everybody needs bees, in order to be surrounded by plants.


  1. I am in western Canada and am very excited to buy this over the winter and try it next spring! I've been observing the channel for months and I'm very pleased and excited by the potential!

  2. I have wanted a flow hive since I saw your first video and start up campaign! I've been saving my pennies for 2 years! I hope to have one by next summer! Thank you for these inspirational videos that show anyone can do this!

  3. Wanm und wo kann man den Artikel der Imker-Zeitschrift lesen?
    Where and when will I be able to read the German press article?

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