Beekeeping – New Bee Package Install

[ ferocious bee buzzing ] Markie: Here’s mom ready to go with her bees! Mom: Kay, enough? Markie: Yup. Mom: Just a quick… [thud] Markie: Yup. Markie: Pull that out, I’ll grab the queen Jake (off screen): Babe, there’s duck’s down there. Mom: I know! They’re residents! Mom: Got her? Mom: Let’s go ahead and get her stable. Markie: There’s mom’s queen. Markie: So we’ll, one, make sure
we do it as she’s at the bottom, Markie: and then I’ll put my thumb there. Markie: and then stage two will be the candy. Mom: Yeah yours was… I think yours was bigger. Mom: Okay sweetheart… Mom:…make some babies! Mom: ‘Cause things will have moved around in there
Markie: Yup. Mom: Kay, are you ready? Mom: One more tap down?
Markie: Yup. Markie: I’m going to hold the camera… so you’re… Mom: Kay, then I’m just going to dump ’em?
Markie: Yup. Markie: You’ll shake ’em out like sand. Markie: Nice. [ Markie chuckling ] Markie: [ laughing ] Markie: Yup, keep shakin’ back and forth
like that. Markie: … to get ’em all towards that circle. Markie: Yeah. [ bee buzzing intensifies ] [ thud, thud, thud ] Markie: I’d go back and forth like this… Markie: Myeah. Markie: Kay, how do you feel?
Feel like most of them are out?
Mom: Yeah [ very intense bee buzzing ] Mom: Look at ’em. Mom: Do you see ’em!? Mom: That’s insane. Mom: Kay, let’s put our lid on. Markie: [ giggling ]

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