Beekeeping On The Hobby Farm – BAIT HIVES

Hi welcome back to Pine Meadows Hobby Farm. I’m your host Jerry Hanson. Today’s episode is beekeeping
for the hobby farmer Today I’m assembling some bait hives. I had a phone call the other day. A
friend of mine who has a bunch bees fell ill a little bit was unable to I deal with all the bees at the time when
they are beginning to swarm, so he invited me to
set up some bait hives around his and try to catch some swarms and use those for my bee collection since
I have no bees yet. This would be an opportunity to get some
free bees. I really don’t want any more than
maybe two or three hives here on the hobby farm Its just primarily for myself, my little family, and my neighbors.
So let’s get started and I’ll show you how
I’m putting together a bait hive. the bait hive basically is just ace a brood chamber that I took and I cut out some plywood spare pieces of plywood that I had. They
measure the same dimensions of the bee box. it comes out nineteen and three-quarter
inches by 16 and one-quarter inches and I just put four screws this will be in the bottom, and then I will put one on the top after I put some frames in. Lets finish assembling this one. What I did was I drilled a 7/8 inch hole here
to allow the bees to get in. I’ll be baiting all along the outside of
this hole and on the inside, I’ll put a Q-tip swab
impregnated with some lemongrass oil Now, Lemongrass oil I understand has a same properties in it, the same chemical properties in it as the theramones that a queen bee would put out this way to send a signal to the bees
especially the scout bees looking for a new home for the swarm and saying “this is your new home come and set up housekeeping.” I’m hoping that work out for me. O.k.
the best information I gleen from the internet setting up bait hive is to select frames that actually has
some brood in it. This is just a regular black frame that
has some wax in it. That’s always helpful and I’ve gotta a new black frame hasn’t been used They said that go ahead and put those on the outside but if you have any brood frames that would be more inviting to the bees, put those in the middle, like here is a little bit of brood hopefully they’ll attract them and help them build that up. Again, I’m just another novices beekeeper
I’m not a professional I just trying to learn what I can online. Yeah, here’s a good frame. It’s got some supercedure cells on it. And then hopefully this will be inviting enough to the bees. to at least get them introduced to a new
home. And from what I understand, any frames that are kind of iffy, the bees are going to build those out and if there is any garbage on them, they’ll clean them up. So this is what I’ve got. We’ll see what
I got work with. We’ll see how it works out up there on the hill where I go set my bait hives. Hey, what I got is a couple of Q-tips swabs and my vial of lemongrass oil hey I was really blessed with this lemon
grass oil. I was telling a a patient at work and his wife runs apothecary store in a
neighboring community and she heard what I was doing a she blessed me
with some pure are 100 percent lemongrass
essential oil and so I didn’t have a go down and buy some. This stuff is really good. So let’s get this hive baited. And all’s I’m going to do is dip that down in there, bait the opening, to get that lemongrass scent on the opening, and then saturate both ends of the Q-tip and lay it on the top. Put the lid on. Just put four screws in. And I’ll be right back. I’m going to use the L-bracket to mount it to the tree So I’m going to flip it over, put this on, just put a short screw in the middle that way its not penetrating through to the frames. And I’ll put long one back here. It will take a bite right down to the wood, and it will give it more security. When I bring them back home…. Oh! One other feature I wanted to add is
a way to cover that hole when bring them home. What I got is metal can lid, I’m just going to bend it. make a little handle here. I’ll show you why. There! I have a lid to go over the top of that. So it’s open, and when I get ready to bring the bees home I just pull it down and it’s closed. And it locks the bees in there. Ok, I’ll just load these beehives into the Sububu (Subaru) and we will take them up there and get them set up. I’ll take my cordless screw-driver and screws that way I can screw them into the trees So, let’s go ahead and get them setup (Margaret) What is the significance about the flowers? (Jerry) The gal whom I bought the bee hives from she painted one set with blue flowers, one set with red flowers (Jerry) and then another set plain so the bees to these colonies could associate
which one was their home if you had them close together. (Margarette) We used to have different tops (Jerry) Different what? (Jack) Different tops. (Jerry) Oh, Yea. (Margarette), and we don’t have them that close (Jack) If I have nothing else I’ll just set a big X or an O or whatever. (Jerry) A different shape to denote the difference in the colony. (Jack) Yea, a different shape, it don’t matter (Jerry) Because their pretty keen to what their home looks like I gotta make sure that my, the hole is clear for the bees to get in. (Jerry) I should just take that one out so they can get in the hole (Jerry) and then that’s my lemongrass oil on top (Jack) Yea, we finally got some and put it in last year. And like I say I put them up on top of my buildings (Jerry) There. I saw online when these bait hives, you could just use a box like this just use a rudimentary bottom top because your gonna take those off. (Jack) Yea. (Jerry) And use this as your brood chamber anyway. (Jack) Right. (Jerry) And thats why I put the lid on here so I can reuse it over and over again if I have to. (Margarette) Thats a neat idea. (Jerry) I just dug those out of the trash today. (ALL) Laughter. (Jack) It dont matter, if it works, it works. So my friends Jack and Margarette are really
hospitable in allowing me to place bait hives over on their
property around their bees because Jack just didn’t have time to
tend to his bees and he’s got a couple of his colonies looking
like they’re ready to swarm, so he called me and had me bring my bait hives up so I could at
least catch some of the swarms and split the hives myself over here. I will keep you updated to see how
successful my bait hives were. And I want to thank you for tuning in to
Pine Meadows Hobby Farm. I’m your host Jerry Hanson Closing tune


  1. The can lid door is slick!  I'm excited for you… hopefully you'll have some good luck and get those three hives quickly:)

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