Beekeeping or apiculture – honey bee colonies

I’ll get you just to stand back in case I desturb them (Bee Keeper) So now will that be full of honey then? (Cindy)

No. Hopefully, I’m going to show you some young brood
(Bee Keeper) OK! Oh gosh! (Cindy) Oh my gosh, look at that! (Cindy) So there it is there, it’s a typical frame. There’s the brood.
Around the brood, there’s honey. (Bee Keeper) That’s what we like to see first thing in the spring.
(Bee Keeper) So now these brood, are you going to have to create
another hive for them? (Cindy) No. What we want to do is build up the population for them
for when they go & pollinate the blueberries. (Bee Keeper) So we want as many bees as we can get. (Bee Keeper) The Queen will lay about 1,600 eggs a day. (Bee Keeper) Let me pick up another one & maybe you’ll be lucky
enough to see the Queen (Bee Keeper) I’m just going to step back a bit, I’ve got a little guy right here
somewhere that’s trapped (Cindy) She’s just resting now (Bee Keeper)
Oh is she? OK, just leave her (Cindy) I feel really uncomfortable (Joe) OW!! That one did
sting. OK, I’ve got to move away. (Cindy) It’s alright, I’ll just move away for a bit. (Cindy) Yowie! Look at that the stinger is in my finger still (Cindy) laughing (Cindy) poor little thing, he died (Cindy) Can you pull it out? Thanks. (Cindy) Don’t worry about it, I’ll just let Joe get in there (Cindy) She should have a veil – just asking for trouble. I put mine on
when I got stung in the eye a couple minutes ago. (Bee Keeper) How many do you have? (Joe) Right now, hopefully there’s about 30,000 in this hive. (Bee Keeper) Just one hive? (Joe)
Just one hive, one Queen. (Bee Keeper) This is how we administer feed in this hollow frame here. (Bee Keeper) Are you OK? (Bee Keeper
I’m fne! (Cindy) So you’ll be taking them down to the coast for the blueberries? (Joe) Are you at all concerned with Nuclear Fallout from Japan? (Joe) Well we just talking with a Bee Keeper about that yesterday.
And we are concerned. (Bee Keeper) It gets on the plants, it’s raining (Joe) It gets on the plants and they’re blooming – we are
concerned. (Bee Keeper) Definitely, but hopefully the levels will be . . . (Bee Keeper) That’s all we need in our life is another challenge (Bee Keeper) Isn’t that beautiful? (Bee Keeper) He’s on the outside. Just a buzzing sound (Joe) If you want to stand up, do you want to see the eggs
in there? The eggs in the cell? (Bee Keeper) Just come a little closer to me (Bee Keeper) Can you see it? Those little white things inside? (Bee Keeper) Inside the cell (Bee Keeper) I’ll open one up here so you can get a better look (Bee Keeper) You see that little thing? That little curly thing down at the bottom?
(Bee Keeper) That’s the eggs? (Joe) That’s the larvae actually right now. (Bee Keeper) If you look right at the very corner, you can see eggs. (Bee Keeper) She’s just laid them. they’re just little tiny bananas
right at the corner. (Bee Keeper) So is the Queen much bigger? (Joe)
Yah, I was hoping to find her for you. (Bee Keeper) I’ll try one more. Maybe down below (Bee Keeper) I’ve got to be very careful! Ah! (Joe) You got stung? (Bee Keeper)
Yep (Joe) Where? (Bee Keeper) In the nose! Laughing (Joe) I had my face stuck to the camera You’ve got to be careful as soon as you get close (Bee Keeper) I think I’m going to back off (Joe) Thank you very much! (Joe) I’m going to take this (veil) off over there & leave it.
Is that OK? (Joe) Just leave it on the side there. (Bee Keeper) No bees around when I take it off (Joe) I got stung on the nose (Joe) Yikes! Get away from me! He brought bees! (Cindy)


  1. I have so much love for the honey bees. When my dad raised them, I was a kid. In the hot summer, we put out a pail of water for them. I would go out after school and save the ones that had fallen in. They would climb on my finger, dry their wings, and fly back to their hives. I was rarely stung.

  2. @thalonelygirl Aww! Each time we've talked to Bee Keepers, they seem to have so much love for them. Like most of feel for cats & dogs! I didn't realize one could feel that for bees. I love it! Cindy

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