Beekeeping with the Flow Hive in Dusseldorf Germany

Welcome to the
garden of our bees. I am Julia, Julia Poggenburg, and we are here in the
beautiful Düsseldorf. My name is Markus Dawidowski,
I live in Düsseldorf. I’ve only been a
beekeeper for two months, so a completely new,
new beginner. I saw the Flow Hive in the Kickstarter[Indiegogo]campaign.
and back then I thought, Yeah, that’s exactly
what I want. The system is simple
so unique. One has just less intervention
to the colony, to the bees. and it doesn’t bother them as much. One collects honey much easier,
you need much less equipment, so it simply
appealed to me, very much. It’s just exactly how I imagine environmentally conscious
beekeeping and honey extraction. We got the Flow Hive, I think it was April or March, we had already ordered it,
because we were taking a parallel course and then, at home, we painted it nicely and added some more
branding onto it, to show that this is
our Hive. And we were, of course excited
when we actually received a complete colony as a gift from the club that we have joined. And all of a sudden this large
amount of bees was inside the Flow Hive and we saw once how
well the bees have adopted that. because I was a little bit
skeptical, I was thinking, “is it’s actually going to work out?” and they closed the gaps and they just put their
honey into it and we were able to complete the first harvest
two and a half weeks ago! and the honey that came out, I could literally see it
through the hole, how it dripped down, it tastes really good,
its was really tasty honey! Yes, yes!!! and look at this, Yes, yes, the first honey!!! Running? it runs, that’s awesome! Every time I
come here, it’s a new moment, which is very fascinating
for me, I keep seeing things.
new stuff about the bees, I’m learning something new about the bees. and what the bees can achieve or how they deal with nature
and it’s just wonderful. Every time I come here,
there is something new and fantastic, which I can experience and see. I never stop learning,
always discovering something new. Whoever stops learning
only has death coming up so it’s just really important. Yes, we have a really
awesome beekeeping mentor, who is there for us, who we
can always ask questions and who is really
conveniently standing by our side, and when we say – Hey we want to go to the bees and we have a question
could you please somehow help and support us,
can you come join us, we call and he says,
– Of course I will, when? And it’s such a big
support for us, a real relief, because suddenly getting an entire colony and being responsible for it, that’s when we were skeptical
and thought, “OK. How are we going to do that?” and because we simply knew that our
beekeeping mentor was always there for us, we have always someone at
hand or someone else from the club, this reassured us
and just helped us relax. because we knew, OK, we don’t have to do everything alone. For anyone who thinks about
starting to keep bees, it’s the easiest, just do it,
many have far too many concerns, that it would be too much work, or that you’d be afraid, it’s
just not like that just look for a club, and join the club, and then you just do it and even if you find out for yourself, through the course or whatever, that
this isn’t something for you, then just try supporting any
local beekeeper.


  1. I want also to have one family . Where and to whom i should to ask in order to buy it. I live also not far from Düsseldorf.

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