Beer-Battered Cauliflower Wings with ‘Honey’ Garlic Sauce | Recipe by Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hi guys, It’s no secret that cauliflower is my least
favourite vegetable but that doesn’t mean I won’t eat them. Especially if they are beer-battered
and deep fried. Oh yes, these I will eat. Moreso if tossed in some vegan honey garlic
sesame sauce too. So to make these delightfully indulgent nuggets,
start with a pound of cauliflower and cut it into pieces. I like to keep the little
trees intact, so they become two or three bite pieces. Then choose your beer. I’m using one of my
favourites at the moment: whistler Brewing Company’s Chestnut Ale. It has a roasted chestnut
aroma and the sweet flavour of cozy winter ale. Feel free to use whatever you have on
hand. I can’t actually drink very much, a few sips
of any alcholic beverage and I’m pretty much done but I do enjoy the taste of a nice beer
so this is my favourite way of using my leftovers. Mix that beer with some finely milled flax
seed, flour, minced shallots, white pepper and salt. Whisk together until the mixture is fairly
smooth. You want a thick pancake batter like consistancy. This was a little thick for my
liking so I added a touch more liquid. Now it’s time to coat the cauliflower. I find
it easiest to do a few florets at a time, placing the coated pieces on a plate, so that
each piece gets fully covered. When that’s done, heat up some oil in a pot
or your deepfryer to 365 degrees Farenheit or 185 Celsius. I’m using a candy themometer
to make sure my oil is hot enough. This is super hot to be super careful Place a few cauliflower pieces in the hot
oil. Use tongs, or chopsticks if you’re confident with them, and stand back so you don’t get
accidentally splattered. The oil will bubble up right away. Don’t put too many pieces in at a time as
this will bring the tempurature of the oil down and ideally you don’t want the pieces
to stick together. If some do though, it’s not a huge deal. After a minute or two, flip the cauliflower
over, carefully. The bottom parts should be nicely browned. Cook for half a minute to
a minute more or until the other side is nicely browned as well. Then remove the cooked pieces and let them
drain on paper towel. Continue with the rest of the cauliflower. If you’re doing this stovetop like I am, keep
an eye on the temperature. You need the oil to be hot enough so that the cauliflower comes
out crispy but not soggy with oil. But don’t let the oil get too hot either or you’ll burn
your cauliflower. Or worse. And that’s about it. These beer-batter cauliflower
bites are best served fresh. Add your favourite dipping sauce, or toss them in my vegan honey
garlic sesame sauce. They are the best darn caulflower I’ve ever eaten. Interestingly,
my omnivorous boyfriend said the same thing, only in more colourful language. Thank you so much for watching this video.
If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up and let me know if you’ll be trying this recipe. Now, if these is a teensy bit too indulgent
for you, check out this healthier but also darn delicious recipe for crispy BAKED cauliflower
bites. Thanks again for watching. Don’t forget to
subscribe if you haven’t already. I post new easy and delicious vegan recipes every week. Bye for now!


  1. Stop!! I can't take any more!!! I am so hungry… Blast you Dr. McDougall and your lousy soup cups!!! drops to knees, hands outstretched toward the heavens

  2. Gurl, you are my favourite youtuber officialy!!! this looks sooooooooooooo good, l am drooling all over the place 🙂 /Insert Homer Simpson drooling face here/ I simply have to try them, these look too good to miss!!!

  3. Can this be made with something in substitute of the beer? I can't have anything alcoholic for health reasons, but this recipe looks sooo darn good.

  4. Omg I must make these!!! 

    Please do a video on vegan dan dan noodles or sichuan noodle stiry fry or japanese ramen noodles or how to make your own noodles! How to do your own vegan sichuan hotpot would be awesome as well 😀

  5. The more video's of yours I see the more I like you!  🙂  Beer-battered!  Girl you've outdone yourself… again!  🙂  These look so tasty!!  Another must try! 🙂 

  6. Oh hell yes, these look amazing! I need to start buying cauliflower more. But every time I go to look at it, I look at the price and say nevermind. I don't understand why it's so pricy in Halifax but it is.

  7. wow this looks amazing! do you dip them into the honey sauce and serve them like that for your friends for example? or you just put the sauce next to them and let people dip them? what do you think its better? ^_^ ps. the fact that you said that your omnivore boyfriend loved them, its really encouraging. i am looking for some vegan appetizers for my omnivore man and friends who are coming over!!

  8. hello! could you please tell me how much garlic flakes towards to powder actually, do you think would be 2 cloves of garlic? i know its too much to ask but, just in case you could guess from your experience!

  9. After watching a recipe of cauliflower cream soup made only with baked onions and flavored with a bit of lemon juice, olive oil, salt and chives, I couldn't resist seeing this Crunchy Vegan "Honey" Garlic Beer battered fried Cauliflower,…this is a must try and pronto! Thumbs up Mary, thanks for sharing and greetings from Mexico.

  10. Hey Mary, just found your channel, great stuff, I'll definitely be sticking around for more recipes. I was just curious if you personally do not consume honey? Myself and the few vegans I know do not take any serious ethical or health concern with consuming honey. I'm sure you included the honey replacement for the vegans who are "by the book", perhaps you're one of them, if so I was just curious as to why, just for the sake of being 100% vegan? Keep up the good stuff 🙂

  11. have you tried the beer batter to cook in the oven? I know you have a recipe on oven baked bites but there you don't use the beer batter, so I was wondering if you had a bad experience with baking with beer batter 😊

  12. Mary, do you think gluten free beer would work for this? I just subscribed d/ your videos on vegan cheese. Thanks!

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