1. I will be placing my bee near a farmers field how worried should I be about crop spraying? I can provide a picture if needed

  2. Are killer bees any thing one has to be concerned with now a days?
    Such as them taking over a "domestic backyard" hive.
    Thank You

  3. I set-up our first flow hive today with the kids. We ordered a Nuc that arrives in May. Can't wait to get started. Thank you for the very helpful info Louise!

  4. Hello, I am a former President of the Sri Lanka Bee Farmers' Association. A neighbour of mine brought me your publications relating to the 'Flow Hive' this week. It looks very interesting. One point I would like information on (and which I may have missed so far?) is what species of bees do you work with? Is it Apis mellifera (or a subspecies)? In Sri Lanka we work with Apis cerana (formerly Apis indica) which is smaller. Wax foundation used and dimensions within the hive may have to be modified. The option of importing and using other species of Apis is not possible in view of the legislation banning the importation of bees due to the fear of importing bee diseases, etc.? Would appreciate your comments.

  5. did you know bees use geometry to find their way around? they use a combination of the angel of the sun and a distinctive vibrating motion to point in the right direction. HEY GUYS FLOWERS THIS WAY!

  6. Now, when you said, facing the opposite way to north east,
    Did you mean to say southeast? Or do you mean south west but mis-spoke?

  7. Can one put the 2.5% cant board above the queen excluder? I love your branded super but it does identify the super as a prime theft item. Strong hives here in the USA could go as high as $1,000.00. US. Is your product shipped as just the super? Can it come unmarked?

  8. Honey needs natural beeswax cells to 'ripen' properly as well as the fact that you're gonna kill any larva in the cells when you try to harvest

  9. Lovely lady. When I have a bigger garden I'm going to get one of there and start beekeeping for the first time! 🐝🍯

  10. I live in illinois, can they survive during the winter without extra care? Also where can I buy and active queen with workers?

  11. thank you for the little tips at the end. i was wondering what would be a good area or how big of an area to have for beekeeping? also would it help to keep and plant flowers close to the hives?

  12. Hello i am from india, can you tell me i have farms , can i steup honey on the roof or not , becoz stolen problem

  13. Conceptually, this is great – and when I was new to bees, this was so cool and intriguing that I almost dropped some coin on it. I'm glad I didn't. Those hives she is sitting next to and showing in the "Bee Yard"….Is NOT a bee yard? not a single bee flying in that video around those flow hives or her. Notice, she never opens the viewing windows on those hives. And she wasn't cracking open any honey spigots in that bee yard either. They cut to a shot of honey flowing into a jar outside on a landing pad – I'm not sure what it is in Australia, but here in the US where ratty beat up Langstroth's -we call that BS. In a REAL bee yard, if you open a spigot of honey it wont take more than a few seconds before you and your jars are surrounded with robbers. So new beekeepers and buyers beware of the clever marketing – they aren't really telling us everything are they?

  14. If the area is too hot, can be placed in a room with an air conditioner and there are openings in the walls of the room in front of the entry and exit of bees from the hives

  15. is the entrance considered the front of the hive? should i orient the entrance south east as i am in the northern hemisphere

  16. Good morning, my dear friend, I'm really looking forward to know how I can buy a box of bees from this Brazilian resident and I loved this project. You could let me know how I do it.

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