Being Self Sufficient ,Could America Ever Become a Third World Country ?

I’m gonna talk a little bit about
self-sufficiency and some of the things that people don’t talk about these days
and I’m in the bathroom and I just had a shower and I have to dump the water into
a bucket and it got me really thinking about self-sufficiency and what would
you do if times weren’t bad let’s just say a big part of the population of
people have they have public sewer they have public water what would you do if
you have public sewer and water and your infrastructure would shut down these are
things we have to think about and while I live this way on a daily basis I don’t
worry so much about this because I have a private well and have a private water
but people are like talking about it they don’t like talking about the
nitty-gritty if things would get bad and self-sufficiency and so I’ve learned to
use every drop of water to my full advantage I learned to take a shower in
less than five gallons of water and then would have done i sterilize everything
so I sanitize and sterilize everything because I like to keep clean and I want
to know that my home is clean when you do things like this it’s really
important that you keep clean would you know how to stir lies and sanitize
things if the infrastructure would go down would you learn would you know do
you have books that you can read if these things would happen all right now
we got our bucket of water what do we do with it if you had no plumbing and no
sewer where would you go with it this isn’t some kind of proper drill
this is my everyday life but what would you do I want this video to get you
thinking a little what would you do at the infrastructure of your home would
break down and it would be with everybody the whole worldwide that can
happen Venezuela and look what happened there that was a rich country and you
know what it’s not that way anymore now is it what would you do if you had trash how
would you get rid of it well this is what I do these are the skills your
grandparents did a lot of people who live in rural America still live this
way but what would you do if you had no trash collection what would you do
tomorrow everything in your life would be
different have you thought about it this isn’t a scare video it’s just a video to
share with you the life of some people in the life how some of us live and a
life that you could possibly live some day if the economy would go down it
doesn’t take much to make a difference in our economy and what would you do
what would you do to be more self-sufficient what would you do if you
had to live like me I enjoy this lifestyle I enjoy it
immensely it’s part of my life but what would you
do if everybody had to live this way it revolves around buckets buckets buckets
and buckets buckets for the fresh water and buckets for the gray water do you
know the rules about using grey water do you know that you never mix fresh water
with grey water do you have buckets that are designed for that it’s a lifestyle
it’s something that you don’t learn overnight but when things get bad you
learn it pretty quickly so I’m going to share with you now a little bit in the
end of this video what I was working on this week because summer is over and the
snow is starting to fly and I really had to get my stuff finished because being
self-sufficient means you always have to look ahead so you’re always looking
ahead and making sure that you got everything covered in case things would
ever happen the first snow of the season that
greenhouse this full of garden seeds but I still need to bring in the house and
put in packages oh my goodness it’s like I don’t have enough of time in my day
but that’s what I’m gonna work on today let’s get those seeds out of that
greenhouse and get them packaged oh my word it’s so beautiful though look at
the snow so the first thing I’m gonna work on and this is for my healing salve
that I make and it says marshmallow leaves it’s all kinds of herbs that I
had out the garden I had a video on it but I have to get this stuff packaged
and put away so make sure you label all of your things really good it’s hard to
believe all of this stuff is actually going to be just a few envelopes if you
wonder where I get envelopes like this I can share with you in the description
box below because I love these be enough to make me enough of healing sad to last
me for probably about a year and I have a lot of videos and how I make my
healing staffs and I will be making some new videos as well so there we go
it’s packet number one and that’s my marshmallow root and leaf sad the herbs
for the SAP so the next thing we’re gonna do is I’m gonna put that in this
basket the next thing is all of these marigolds and this is miracles in
calendula together so I’m gonna have to painstakingly take all the leaves out of
the flower heads now these are the marigolds that I grow every year
and many of you have gotten my seeds through the years I will be selling
seeds again probably in the spring so I’m gonna go ahead and do this and when
this is done then we will package these up as my marigold garden seeds this is
the potpourri here all the tiny black seeds that I put in a sieve and they
went down into here now we will clean these seeds up better but it still has
lots of black seeds that are coming out of here so we’re going to finish doing
this I’ll put this in a pretty bag so we have this to make her gifts so
we have the sunflower seeds here we have this we got a package these into my
garden seeds and then I’m working on some tea so I’ll show you what
everything looks like when we’re finished so what we’re gonna do is we
are going to take this and run it like this and then we’re gonna do it again and there we have the pure seed and now
all we have to do just put these into our seed envelopes now all we have to do
is when I’m ready to make this craft is add some scent to it so we’ll put that
in here as well now we have to work on is some of our tea so I want to clean
everything out and now we’ll work on the tea you put all the tea in here like this this is a really strong menthol tea
which I use to make essential oil this is a really strong menthol tea which I
used to make essential oils as well we’re just gonna crinkle it up like this
and we’ll get the tea needs out of it so we drink this this is good for making
homemade Vicks which is really easy to make and I’ll have some videos coming up
here in January making all of these things since I have a large supply of tea I don’t have to worry so much if I waste
some of it alright so this is the tea I’m gonna go ahead and we’re going to
chop this up real finely now last but not least is the Colangelo seeds and
these are my prized possession so I’m gonna take a lot of time and getting
these seeds off the flower heads because this is what I grow to make lotions I
use this to make SAVs I use this for all kinds of things and these seeds I need
to plant next year because they’re not that cheap to buy but they’re so easy to
harvest on your own so I’m gonna go ahead get all the seeds out of these so
I have them for next year because these are very important to me when you grow
your own flowers and save your own seeds you really have more of a connection
with just being more self-sufficient so now I don’t have to go trying to look
for these seeds I have them on my own there you go everyone all packaged up
and ready for this spring and my greenhouse is all ready for this spring
but I’m gonna do a little bit of decorating in there for Christmas so I
got everything cleaned up and now I can decorate this week for Christmas I love
my greenhouse I think that’s the number one thing that I like and that I got
this year and it’s under $60 and I got this greenhouse and I think it is
fabulous I can use it for so many things not just growing things but decorating
and spending some time in there and working on herbs so I take my basket and
put it in the house and put it everything away and get ready now for
Christmas yipee


  1. What would you do Tessie, if you have to do if you had to get rid of human excrement. Let's talk real and by what we know today.
    Please talk about the topic of getting rid of human waste. People might listen to you. This is human life.
    It electricity shuts down and water stops. What do you need for natural sanitation needs. Talk to folks Tessie.
    Your a prepper channel. To the most degree. Women are pretty smart and listen to the truth. They want to be ready and listen to the truth. I love your channel. I listen to what you say

  2. They say you can't move forward unless you know where you came from. Meaning being a world power doesn't mean that we re all that advance. Most people couldn't tell you what makes up a third world country. In fact according to all the information that I have come across, it is said that California, if it was a country, would be the third riches nation in the world. Go figure, huh.

    I've learned a long time ago to never judge a person, community, or a country by someone else standards. I can still show places in this country where people still live in log cabins with out houses and all. The education level is so low that you have to water twice a day just to communicate with the locals. Not everyone has access to a good education like everyone seems to believe. Does this makes the USA a third world country? No, it doesn't. It just makes us a country that needs to step it up and get all the people on the same sheet of music.

    Learning the old ways is a good way to remember where you came from. It is best to have one foot in the past so as to guide your path through the future. 🙂

  3. Hello Tessie, in the 50’s I spent a lot of time watching my grandmother live like you. I adored her so much that I tagged along with her while she did her chores. She had a big black kettle outside over a fire that she washed clothes in. There was a well near the house that they got water from with a rope and pulley system in a bucket. I can remember how to do all the things that are required to live without modern conveniences, but I sure don’t think I’d be strong enough to do them. You’re right, though, people need to think about not being able to run to the store whenever they want. It’s a long way to walk if we don’t have gas for the car, etc. Thank goodness there’s a lake across the road. I enjoyed your work with your dried herbs and getting the seeds. I also save my marigold seeds and a few herb leaves. It’s fun.😊

  4. I would use that water to flush my toilet with great job Tessiey , we have malch piles for our eggs shells ,and peallings . Water we have a ditch we would boil the water out side.Paper stuff we would burn.thank you for you're knolment .because

  5. Tessie such good advice… for sure we could become third world..these are troubling times…thank you for teaching us theses essential skills and info!!

  6. I experimented and if I heat two gallons of water, I can manage a good shower by dumping some over my head. It might be less if we are careful. I have a fire/stove water distiller to use rain or lake water if I need drinking/cooking water. If we had no internet and electric, life would be very different.

  7. California (by itself) is the 5th largest economy in the world…i doubt its becoming a third world country. That state among a few others are making so much money that its spreads billions to other poor states. The problem is, our greedy politicians are mishandling the funds. Same thing that happened to Venezuela. Greedy people are keeping us poor no matter how hard, how many hours we work.

  8. Hi Tessie! I lived off grid for a year, I found it a little hard but very freeing! And you know it was one of the happiest Times of my life!🙄☺I just love your videos Tessie 😍😊

  9. If America became a third world country then you would be a rich woman. LOL. Did you guys go after the person who sold you this place and didn't disclose the condition of the plumbing? It seems to me that this could have been reversed.

  10. Loved this video! One of my favorites. These are things people need to learn, just in case. Instead of throwing that water out, a couple of gallons poured into the toilet will do the flushing for you. 😄
    I would really like to learn more about what you grow, what you use the plants for, and how you process them. Will check out some older videos. Can't get enough! 😀
    God bless, sweet Tessie. 💜

  11. Whoa!!!! I’m a lifelong Californian, aged 59, currently living in San Francisco…. I’d say come to California and see for yourself. I’ve lived both in So Cal and Nor Cal…. And I was in Cuba (with a SFJazz this past January, Mexico in July (on vacation with friends) and just got back from St Martin (still recovering from Hurricane Irma 2 years ago) two days ago.

    LOL…. California is NOT EVEN CLOSE TO. A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY…. not even. In Cuba, people have monthly rations of 4 eggs per week. California is Abundant with resources and jobs.

    Someone is painting a very inaccurate image of California for you. No State is perfect….we have issues but depicting California as becoming a third world nation…..far, far from it. A political ploy perhaps or designed to get some other response.

  12. You’ve been living there quite a while. Why don’t you lift your house…raise it enough so that you can replace your plumbing and take care of it once and for all?

  13. Who are the "some" and the "they" who are saying CA is becoming a third world country?. Where are you getting that information? Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Another great video wish I had all those herbs and tea, I love spearmint it is my favorite I like peppermint too but spearmint is my favorite! Love ya sis! And Kenny too!

  15. The bad thing that could happen is back up of city sewage into your home. Anti backup valve installation in city is very expensive. Learn how to stop up your plumbing to prevent backup.

  16. ~~~ people think I'm a fool or a joke because i plan for the very hard bad times…no matter how I talk to people and try to be helpful they all think I'm off the deep end….you my dear friend must understand just how it is for me….I still have GOD'S JOY. And love in my heart.

  17. Good Morning Tessie, Sisters, Brothers, and Friends:) Wish you all a wonderful blessed Sunday filled with Gods joy and Happiness:) Going to get a snow rain mix today into Monday the first snow of the season for me:) God Bless you:) Love you all:) Continued prayers for Grampy and his wife:) Keep smiling:)

  18. All people in America need to do is look what is going on in Hong Kong right now and look at how the " middle class" there are living. They are literally paying to live in homes as small as 6 ft long boxes. That could be our future if the politicians keep having their way.

  19. Tessie there are no first or third world countries. There are rich and poorer ones. Inequity is increasing between and within countries due to globalization
    Privatization of water is a major issue in many countries.

  20. Tessie I try to reuse my water at least two or three ways. Like, water used to rinse veggies and fruit can be heated for dishes and then poured on the trees. Water from the bath can be left in a bucket to flush the toilet. Haven't done any burning, I use my unwaxed paper in my compost. In a collapse I would bury my trash and human waste around our trees or compost it for a few years. .

  21. My seed collecting is a challenge for me by the time they dry I have forgotten what they were! New to this and gardening too.

  22. Hey Tessie. I admire your strong spirit, but I hate to see you burning newspapers. Please recycle and hep the environment

  23. Hi Tessie, I’ve missed so many of your videos, not getting notified plus I had a huge move, settling in to my new house, started organising a garden but got a long way to go, but could you do a video or a series of tinctures and salves, and all things you know about herbal medicine, would be awsome ❤️❤️❤️

  24. The National Review is a conservative news agency and its content is extremely one sided and often times wrong. Sorry, I love your channel but thought you were more open minded. California is not even close to being “third world.” In fact, it’s economy supports numerous other states.

  25. Around garbage….we compost papers and food. We compost toilet rolls, paper towel rolls, paper towels, etc. A lot of junk mail is separated from the plastic windows and composted. The plastic windows of envelopes are recycled. We recycle plastic bags with recycle numbers to Wal-Mart drop box for plastics. We recycle tin, plastic with recycle numbers such as water bottles, milk jugs, and a million other things, box board, etc to our recycle center. We end up with a small 13 gallon bag of garbage for two people once a month.
    We use rags that we wash instead of paper towels at least 85% of the time….some things are really gross so a paper towel works. If it is not a chemical on the paper towel then it is composted also.
    Separating your garbage to recycle and compost saves a lot of money and it helps out the earth.

  26. Yes Tessie, I have thought about these things quite a bit. I do believe we are headed to being somewhat a 3rd world country. Most people would not survive long term I'm afraid including myself. No water source near me and I am not young anymore. I also believe if this country does not turn back to God he will no longer bless us.

  27. Tessie, how do you anchor down your greenhouse? I get a bit of wind but would love to have one. Do you have any suggestions on how to anchor it to my deck? I've considered zip ties to attach it to the rails and standards, but I'm curious how you've handled this. Thanks in advance.

  28. Girl, I love all the energy you have! These videos are going to be so helpful for a lot of people. Whenever we get moved into the renovation house I look forward to doing more of all these practices you’re showing us. There we will have our own well water and lots of space for a garden. I totally forgot about a burning barrel till I saw yours, we used to always burn what was possible, but haven’t for years…we do burn off our little backyard garden areas to help keep fleas away and it works great. See ya tomorrow, Tessie!💜 ❄️❄️❄️❄️PS…that snow was so pretty. ~ Carol

  29. My home is still in the 40s . Have a well that you can pail water from. Have wood heat and hot water tank for hot water. We have a stone root cellar that keeps a temp.of can keep a lot of things in a Dum waiter in pantry that lowers into root celler. In winter can fill part of root cellar with blocks of clean brook ice for use in summer kept in containers filled with saw dust . Always have a gardens so soapy water helps with the bugs.Still have old hand pump for the well..

  30. Your videos are extremely important at this time. this year in our part of FL we did not experience a severe hurricane. I've read that every year about 7% of the population is new and they have no idea of what might happen – no power means no water and until recently meant no gas at the pump. We've been thru a bad hurricane but easily survived. Takes knowledge and practice. Would like to obtain the first 100 issues of Mother Earth News, the actual magazines as the ads are important also. Sold them when moved to FL 15 years ago and have always regretted it. Keep up the good work Tessie and God Bless.

  31. Thank you, Tessie. We need these types of videos. Back in March of 1991, we had a major ice storm with power outages big time. My parents had two freezers full of pork and beef. My mom went outside and brought in ice and put it in the freezers. Now eventually we purchased a generator and our power came back on before my parents so they used our generator. My mom grew up very poor and they were in a rural area. She learned how to figure out ways to deal with stuff and so can we. Oh and I'm very interested in the herbs too. 🎄😊💛

  32. We have our own well, we do have a pump house ( we need electric) and we to burn or drive the garbage to the dump. We live in a small town 500 people. Sometimes the neighbors are cows and that's Ok, lol
    Wow after talking to you yesterday about the bulbs and this video this morning, I didn't see this last night it just seams like it just fits. After watching this I remembered I have a box full of seeds I'm going to send everything I have doubles of. If you don't use them pass them on. Good stuff Sister Ty

  33. When we moved 2 years ago to the country. Now I also have a burn barrel. But, never burn plastic, even just once. It stays in the air in micro particles and everything living breathes it in.

  34. I just love watching your videos Tessy, they're so informative. I try and save seeds from my flowers to not as well as you do though. Merry Christmas to you God bless you and your family

  35. Although I don't live in the USA, I share the same thoughts. My cellar, freezer and barn are full of things that I might need for just in case. A heather, stoves, oil lamps, candles and an outdoor kitchen. Water isn't much of a problem, I have more than enough 'grey' water, and it happens that the well were my drinkwater is comming from is in the neighbourhood. Ofcourse somethings can be improved, but for heating, light and cooking I can survive 8 till 9 months when something hits the fan.

  36. 65 yr. old here and I have lived this way most of my life out of necessity. We called it "existing" . Folks now days call it "prepping" Keep up the good fight. People need to be aware that their internet, cable, cloud, pretend banking can ALL be gone in a minute..and a long minute at that. Tessie, Can you reply with your updated email mail addy? Next, are you interested in hearing another herbal salve recipie?

  37. You are so inspiring Tessie! You taught me to make do with what I have. I have stopped running to the store to purchase something as soon as a need arises, and I am trying to use what I already have. You're awesome!

  38. As you know I am about the same as you, I have my own well, I have my own septic system, I burn garbage, I I live out of town . And yes I know the grey water rules also. And I live in a 1976 Holly Park trailer.

  39. Greetings Tessie..great can sterilize water by adding 1teaspoon of water to 1 gallon of's not enough to hurt you and you could drink it if needed..I do collect rain water for my plants… knowledge is power and the more you know the more prepared you can be..thank you for sharing Tessie.. blessings to you and your family 😇 😇😇 😇

  40. We will eventually see something worse than what has happen to Venezuela. Water is life. A gas powered generator to run the well, or much better, a solar power well pump would be necessary to irrigate crops.
    The Amish in my area use solar. Determine the depth of of well before looking at the options….

  41. Good afternoon Tessie!!
    Great video!! It makes you think…what WOULD i do in that situation?!? It is always good to have an alternate plan!!! I love your greenhouse too!!! You have show that it can be MULTIPURPOSE instead of just one season 😁 i love how you put things in it to dry!!! Great job getting everything separated packaged and labeled!!!
    Have a blessed day!!!

  42. great vid! what do you use to sanitize your tub? hubby and I are gearing more and more to self sustaining. we had similar situation as you went through. (so no pension) we are renting now. our goal is to get a newer travel trailer for stationary living (next spring) brick and morter renting prices are questionable and we are not going have false assurance that the government will be there when we would need it. Not what we planned but one has to be smart and do what you have to do. Hugs, aka Patrica

  43. When we were 4 months with out water and with out light. When it rained we would put buckets outside. For flushing toilets. And take baths in the rain wash clothes. We use baby wipes. For light we use small solar lamp. And flash light. We rub alcohol on arms and legs. for mosquitoes wouldnt bite. I learned to put insulin in water and out of sun light to preserve it.

  44. oh how I wish we could burn it would save so much on garbage pick up bill. The snow yep we got hit with it, 9 inches on Wednesday day before Thanksgiving, 6 plus inches yesterday Saturday and now still snowing today. yikes but thankful I am warm, 3 yrs ago I had no heat, no furnace, no fireplace no wood stove. So I am thankful this year for warmth. The inches of snow I am fighting not to get worried, my son is sick, daughter and I have been told no yard clean up or snow removal until at least after January 1st. I can not do it anymore due to muscles and boy its expensive when you have to hire someone and I live on a fixed income. Balance balance but the Lord has been faithful, he has not forgotten me in all these tough years, he always works it out. I have to learn not to jump in front of him and make plans because his plans are always better. When we have our own yards and wells and things if the government took over that would not just be ours anymore. We need to wake up as a world and work together better NOW so that we are in that movement of helping one another and not fall into panic. But so many just stay to themselves and think its not their job or concern to reach out or care about someone else and how they can be a blessing. California I know extended family members that live there and they do not like how things are getting but they don't know where to go either, their family is there. I know I get laughed at many times for trying to do things in preparing, but my daughter just said the other day if we lost power we have no water, we have a well. BUT we do have some water stored so we could wash our hands cook, I have a gas stove that even without power I can turn the burner on. Do people realize that about even stoves in the last 20 yrs you can still use it. We do need to think. Also wanted to share, my mom now is watching your channel, she probably won't leave comments but it did open up discussions about how my grandmother dried her clothes for so many years, I forgot and my grandmother has passed. My mom had to do things in many ways you do due to what was going on in her life, she is strong and the stories she tells oh my. I had to laugh yesterday she called me after watching your video and said you and I are so much the same, that is a good thing. She told my daughter it was like me in your place. That is good, we are both woman who are creative to get the job done. But we are sisters in Christ and friends as well. Oh the fun we could have the giggles oh my. But since we live so far away from each other I can smile, laugh, listen to what you do and share. Be blessed TEssie and keep giggling you make others smile. Hugs and much love from us to you all. Hey tell Chevyman to give you a HUGE HUG

  45. when you talk about how much water you use to shower, it reminded me of a time when I was younger, our sewer went bad. There was 8 of us and we could not let water go down the drain. oh my those months I will never forget. It was my job to empty the old diaper pail we used for a toilet until they got the sewer fixed. funny how someone can talk about something and it brings you back to somethings you can relate. Stay warm and am watching to see when snow comes your way. Also this lady due to my RA and fibro I am hanging my laundry to dry in my basement my hands can't handle the cold, if I do outside then I drop things inside. so I pick my battles with a smile. be blessed

  46. Sorry for my typo..that was 1 teaspoon of bleach to 1 gallon of water.. let the water stand for 24 hours ..the clorine will dissapate and you won't have a bleach taste..

  47. I'm sure most people don't relise that if the water treatment plant has no power or back up generator the sewage will back up into their homes as everyone is pouring their waste water into their toilets or come the first rain. To prevent the back up into homes you'll need a cement cap for the main going out. It's helpful to know how to make a composting toilet out of a 5 gal. bucket. Before seed catalogs generations before us saved seeds for the next season. Their lively hood depended on it. You are blessed for sharing what you know and trying to bring about thought !

  48. Watched videos of people in Venezuela and it was heartbreaking. The fishermen had a barrel on their
    Boat filled with diluted kerosene to clean their nets from all the oil in the water. One said, the oil pipelines
    Had leaks and oil was spilling into their waterways where the fish for a living. They were covered in
    Oil themselves and since oil is slippery, I wonder how they kept from sliding right out of the boat.
    A couple men left in the wee hours of the morning risking capture to trek to a nearby isle to
    Barter for rice. They had to payoff at least three levels of people including pirates, and a coast guard type
    Of security. Watched and older guy maybe in his sixties go into a supermarket. He came out with a plastic
    Bag and showed what he was able to purchase…an over-ripe papaya and same with a couple of
    Bananas. A couple of young guys were sitting on a bench near the store. I wondered what they
    Might do to the man to get for or money. Saw another video where people could go in and get
    One fish to last them an entire week. They could get. bread rolls but, all the people interviewed said
    This was not bread and tasted horrible. Another place gave out a bag with some rice
    And undisclosed items but, they had to agree to support the governments way of thinking.
    The man with the over-ripe fruit said you are allowed to shop twice weekly based on an ID card last
    Numbers, but, if it is a holiday and the store shuts down on your day to shop, you are left with zero. Another man said he was a furniture maker and the person employing him closed the shop leaving him
    With none of his tools. He wished he had prepared to get his family out. They were getting out but without a clear picture as to where and how they would survive. I felt sad for the people, but for some reason felt bad for crabs that oil on the bottom and couldn’t be sold at a market, so they were tossed in a heap like trash.
    It’s so important to store food and hygiene items. And learn not to throw out food. Someday, it won’t be there.

  49. Thanks for hopefully opening a few more people's eyes to the possibility of what if. Just because we live in the US doesn't mean it can't or won't happen to us, why not be prepared.

  50. With your waste bath water, I would connect a pipe on the underside of the bath that leads outside and goes into a storage container, and in that way the water would be available as and when you need to water the plants etc. Nice video 🙂

  51. Good afternoon Tessie was wondering why you dumped the shower water in the yard?? I really enjoy your channel. Everyone needs to be doing what you are doing to gain knowledge about if a disaster should strike. always be prepared is my motto. ❤️we have a generator but what good is it without gasoline to keep it running? That’s why my husband is always making sure we have gas in a safe place on our property. We seem to lose power a lot with bad storms in my area.with winter in full season we are keeping our fingers crossed 🤞

  52. Is your tub drain plugged? Is that why you scoop out the water and carry it outside to dump? Could you have dumped it in the kitchen sink?

  53. And what about human waste? How will people deal with it if the grid goes down? There are plenty of safe ways to compost it. How will they filter water? How will they cook? I have invested in books on these topics. If the grid is down….no internet, cant look it up. People need to understand how to do these things. They need to learn starting now. There is much to learn. Hopefully we will never need these skills but we will need them even if there is a bad storm that puts us out of commission for several weeks!

  54. Good day Tessie, I grew up on a large farm. We burned our trash every week. I live in the country now. However, I have a trash service that comes every Monday to empty my dumpster. But the man that lives across the road from me burns his trash. Since I have a big dumpster I told him he is free to put his trash in it, but he won't.

    If the inter-structure goes down or fails you are right utilities won't work. That includes electric. If you have a well with an electric pump then you would have to pull the pump and the piping out of your well. You would have to have on hand an old fashion well bucket that normally holds about 3 gallons. You would also need a pulley system. You could can get a smaller bucket. Ours growing up held 3 plus gallons and our well was 110 feet deep. It killed our arms haul that much water up out of the well. A neighbor down the road had a hand pump for his well. But it didn't work real well in the winter since it was in his front yard uncovered.

    I wouldn't have the trouble if the electric grid went down. I have a back solar generator that recharges with solar panels and a small wind turbine. I have three ponds within 200 yards of my back door. I have the means by using a RV 12 volt water pump, a deep cycle battery, hose and an in line water filter to have fresh clean water to use from my ponds. My solar panels would keep the battery charged. .My generator will keep my refrigerator and freezer running.

    Bathroom stools will flush if you pour water in the bowl, I can't believe you don't use your gray water to flush with. I can understand pouring it on your garden.

    Do you harvest Passion Flower leaves and flowers to make tea or the fruit for jelly? It usually grows wild in most states. I think you can also purchase a start. The tea is similar to Chamomile tea.
    If something bad was to happen not many people are prepped to be able to survive, I have a large pantry full of canned foods at leased 3 years supply, I have food grade buckets full of all kinds of dry foods from beans, rice, pasta , dry milk, power eggs, powder butter to cakes and cookie mixes. I also have 25 to 30 year shelf life freeze dried foods. Thanks for sharing your video with us.

  55. When I was growing up, we always burned all of our trash out back in a large barrel. Now, people are worried about air pollution. However, I still burn trash in our fire pit.

  56. Tessie your videos are so helpful! So sad that this generation wouldn’t survive without electricity and the internet! Your teaching your children and grandchildren well💕🙏

  57. 2003 North East blackout was due to failed sensors in one sub station leading to a cascade that lead to some being without power for up to two weeks. None of the operators were willing to shut their grid down in front of it so it just kept calapsing. This was all without malicious intent. Throw in idiot that want anarchy and things could become very ugly very quickly. With out electric to pump fuel the trucks can't run. "Just in time" deliveries mean almost no one caries more than a few days inventory. No replacement fuel for generators will be available. Without refrigeration medicines that require it will be lost.

    The grid has been extended out by building on top of existing equipment that is now far beyond its designed life span. Replacement parts are harder to come buy. Several things were custom application specific designs. When things are working properly the lead time required to design and build a replacement is measured in years. When a major event occurs it could be catastrophic. Remember the Carrington Event of 1859 was a natural event that burnt the telegraph wires to the ground. Imagine every outdoor wire you see destroyed in a day. It has happened before.

  58. I just woke up, I worked the last two days 6am til 2pm Sat and Sun and I come home and crash until the next day.

  59. What plant is the "strong menthol tea?" would love to get/grow some myself. Thanks so much for sharing all your ideas and techniques you use. I save seeds too…will be moving soon and may not have much room to garden anymore. But want to still grow whatever Ill have room for. Thanks Tessie. Happy December! 🙂

  60. Sharing your preparedness skills and tips is so helpful Tessie. Once I found your channel this year, I am finding areas where I need to do better, especially with water storage. Thank you!

  61. Much of America is already a 3rd world country. Some states even have outbreaks of bubonic plague and hookworm in the last few years.

  62. The Amish will be the ones able to survive when everything goes down. I've been through Amish PA & love it. Here in the south a lot of us use burn barrels.

  63. The first year we lived in our house, our pump stayed broken more than it worked. I learned to haul water from our spring house to wash off and clean up with. I hauled water from the creek to flush the toilet. We always had drainage, but I could handle not having it. Thankful that my husband finally fixed the pump. But, let me tell you it teaches you skills you didn’t know you needed and makes you thankful for running water.

  64. Tessie, I always learn so much from you my friend! 🙂 When you get a chance, can you please add the link for the envelope bags you use to package your seeds? I'm looking forward to spring with you! Thank you love! Have a beautiful day! 🙂

  65. Venezuela was a rich socialist country — big difference. It is good to be prepared and self-sufficient but it should not be fear-based and not everyone should or can live alike. Listen to Spirit and cut yourself free from being a slave to the lender. The chances of this country becoming third world is ZERO!

  66. My brother moved into an old mobile trailer home. The trailer was set up right on the ground and the plumbing was inoperable. He could not get under the trailer to fix it. So he got a mattock and shovel and starting digging a little at a time. Over several months he had dug out a crawl space basement under the trailer that let him have access to the plumbing pipes. He replaced drain pipes from the sinks and bathtub. He dug a pit outside the trailer and filled it with gravel. This is what he drained all his gray water into. He used an outhouse until he had enough money to repair the septic tank system. Lot of work, but he bought the place for really cheap and now has a nice debt free home.

  67. Nothing has changed since the middle ages. We have royalties, nobilities, armies, churches, middle classes, idealists, revolutionaries, and the poor to enrich those whose cups already runneth over. It is a sobering realization. This young lady has chosen a good path.

  68. they said in san diego ca here that there water is brown and could take 2 to 5 days befor its cleared up poop water

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