Benefits of Manuka Honey

Hey, guys. Dr. Axe here, Doctor of Functional
Medicine and founder of Today I want to talk to you about the incredible benefits
of manuka honey and how you can use it to cure certain illnesses and really support
the body in many different ways. Manuka honey has been used throughout areas
of New Zealand and Australia for a really long time. The incredible thing about manuka
honey is in certain cases it tends to be about four times more nutrient-dense in terms of
its healing compounds than regular floral honeys. You’ve heard me talk about before the benefits
of raw honey and local honey. Well, manuka honey is even more powerful. I’m going to
go through all of those benefits here, but the reason why manuka honey is so beneficial
is because it tends to be much higher in certain types of enzymes that create a type of hydrogen
peroxide or phenols, these phytonutrients that you’re going to find in manuka honey. So again, it has very powerful antimicrobial
properties. There are several things it’s great for treating, and one of those things
is SIBO, that small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. So if you have bad bacteria growing in your
small intestine, oftentimes that’s caused by bad bacteria growing like H. pylori in
your stomach and not having enough stomach acid. Actually manuka honey is effective at
treating that. This is actually a brand of manuka honey I’ve
used. There’s a few other brands here, and you can see it says “20 Plus Bioactive Manuka
Honey.” Again, you want to be looking for manuka honey that’s typically . . . it depends
on how you’re using it. If you’re using it for treating something temporarily, you typically
want to go about 16 to 20 Plus. If you’re just consuming it in your food and want those
benefits, you typically want to go with a 10 Plus or less when you’re actually looking
at the activity rating there. That’s how strong those phenol-like compounds are. When you’re actually taking this, the recommended
dosage is never more than one tablespoon at a time. In fact, with most of my patients
I recommend they do one teaspoon twice a day when they’re using manuka honey, but it’s
great, just a little bit of sweetener there, that you can add as well. Again, it’s great for small intestinal bacterial
overgrowth. It’s also very great in treating ulcers. If you have ulcers or stomach issues,
this is the best sweetener to use and using it as a supplement, one teaspoon twice a day. It’s also powerful at eliminating allergies
and a sore throat. One of the most common treatments for a sore throat is raw honey
and lemon. Well, manuka honey is even more effective than regular honey. I recommend
mixing a little bit of lemon essential oil with manuka honey and swallowing that probably
about three to four times a day, and it can help soothe a sore throat. The other thing that this is really effective
for is treating acne and eczema. In fact, if you have acne or eczema, I recommend making
an ointment at home using manuka honey along with essential oils like tea tree oil and
geranium oil. Mixing these together is a very powerful treatment for acne. With eczema you
also want to add a little shea butter, and that will help keep it on the area even longer
and actually help really hydrate that area. Also, here’s one of the most incredible things
about manuka honey. It’s been used effectively in the treatment of MRSA. MRSA is a type of
bacterial infection that tends to be antibiotic-resistant. It’s antibiotic-resistant, and manuka honey
has natural antibiotics that can actually kill off MRSA. That’s just another powerful
effect. And last but not least, wounds. If you have
a cut or a burn of any type, I recommend using manuka honey. If you have an open infection,
put manuka honey on the area. This is how it’s been used for thousands of years. It
was used by the early Egyptians. It was used by the Chinese. It’s referenced throughout
history as well in many different ways. But again, manuka honey should be used in treating
wounds as well. You want to be looking for that different rating system that I talked
about and typically one teaspoon twice a day. So again, try manuka honey. I will say this.
It’s a little bit spendy. You have to spend more on it, but the healing benefits, if you
have any one of those conditions, are worth it. And hey, if you don’t have one of those
conditions and you just want to experience the benefits of honey, then buy raw local
honey from your local farmer’s market. Raw local honey that isn’t manuka honey still
has tremendous benefits, especially if it’s raw and local. And hey guys, if you’ve enjoyed this video
on the many benefits of manuka honey, make sure you check out the article I wrote on
manuka honey here on as well as our YouTube page. You can subscribe there
and check out more of my natural healing remedies there as well. Hey guys, this has been Dr. Axe with the many
benefits of manuka honey.


  1. This cured my cancer. I had tons of cancer and tried one tablespoon of it and it immediately killed every cancer cell in my body. I just mixed it with Kombucha, garcinia cambogia, turmeric, apple cider vinegar and everything I see on tv and put it all in a blender. I drank it once and it cured my cancer and my chiwawas cancer. My dick grew 7" and I got a six pack all from this one time I tried my manuka shake.

  2. If Manuka Honey 🍯 is from New Zealand, how did the Ancient Egyptians get hold of it, Egypt Air wasn’t founded till May 1932.

  3. Dr. Axe can I use what's available @ Costco on wounds. Like human bites, dog bites etc.? Pls respond asap. Thank u Sir!

  4. why is an american spruking for manuka honey which is aussie honey. i turned the video off when i started hearing the flowery over the top language like incredible and amazing and all those words americans use in their over excited speels. please.

  5. I wish he was my doctor because i have trust issues i dont trust a lot of doctors…….. now of days they would tell you any ol darn thing

  6. Hydrogen peroxyde is cytotoxic. It has nothing to do in the body. The body is fighting against it with the enzyme catalase. So this message is just ignorant and stupid. One molecule catalase destroys 10 mio molecules per second. So the famous honey will be finished off in no time at all.
    Any honey has disinfecting properties if put on a wound. Due to osmosis it takes the water out of any microorganism.
    He forgot to mention that the famous honey is also useful fighting Zika, Anthrax, Ebola and mad cow desease.

    Here is the prayer of a midwest sales man:

    Dear Lord. Please help me to keep my damn´d mouth shut
    until I know what I´m talking about.

  7. Manuka honey is used since thousands of years.

    The problem is that New Zealand was uninhabited til 1300. My the kiwi birds used it?

  8. If you go to a "Marshalls" they have close out deals from gourmet food shops and suppliers.
    I found the "BioSota Organics" Manuka Honey VERY INEXPENSIVE.

  9. My question is… this honey worth the outrageous price!!!!????? $25.00 for a small jar of 5 ounces just seems like a total rip off when i can get 32 ounces of raw unfiltered wild flower honey for the same price

  10. Tbh all umf honey really gave me is a headache cause I had to take out a second mortgage and almost lost my house…

  11. Does anyone know what type of honey is honey from Haiti? My uncle brings it to America. It's solid in cold temperatures and not as smooth as storebrought honey

  12. Thank you for this informative video. Well researched and delivery was to the point. Which brand do you, Dr. Axe, or anyone else recommends?

  13. Hi, I am wondering about Manuka Honey's effect on probiotic gut bacteria. Does use of Manuka honey also kill off beneficial bacteria and enzymes, much like regular antibiotics? Thanks

  14. This is a great product! I've been sick for about a week and I got some more from amazon yesterday. My cold feels better today. I just have a sore throat but it helps to sooth it when I take it.

  15. I have subscribed from his emails for more than two years, and love how interested he has been informing prople, with real facts and educative. You doing a good job! Thank you for passing on every information, so detailed it to understand and learn well. God bless you. I get my manuka oil at whose food, but it is pretty expensive.!

  16. And your Lord inspired to the bee, "Take for yourself among the mountains, houses, and among the trees and [in] that which they construct. ۝ Then eat from all the fruits and follow the ways of your Lord laid down [for you]." There emerges from their bellies a drink, varying in colors, in which there is healing for people. Indeed in that is a sign for a people who give thought.
    — Surat An-Nahl 16:68-69

  17. I get a crazy sore dry throat at night im not sure why, could tbis be inflammation from an infection? And would this help ? ?

  18. Could you please make yourself more clear on your videos. Is swallowing essential oils not dangerous?. Also, you talk about acne, do you swallow or rub it on your skin?. Thank you.

  19. Could this tipe of honey help with a scalp infection like seboreic dermatitis?I have a bad scalp infection and I need something natural to help cause I am alergic to certain medicines.

  20. I bought the honey for a facial pimple which it did nothing for but only on day 2. I also had an ulcer which went away almost instantly.

  21. Dr. Axe is an awesome and caring person. His info that he shares is a blessing. Can anyone tell me which brand of Manuka Honey is the best and real thing?

  22. Omg! I have H. Pylori and I will try this. I was told about mastic gum for H. Pylori as well. Will do this for 30 days and hopefully it will be gone.

  23. Hi doctor. Can I used manuka honey for my 4 month old baby eczema? Thank you so much for all the information on this video.

  24. I have tea daily. Would it be advisable to mix one tsp of honey with my tea everyday to boost immunity/prevent illness?

  25. I have this real vicious recurring dermatitis on my face (just my luck) for the past couple of months, The moment one breakout heals, another breakout appears else where…a constant back and forth. The steroid cream that I got via a prescription from a previous breakout didn't do anything and I tried everything…zinc oxide, creams for dermatitis, et etc. I heard about the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of honey and did a little research on the web which lead me to raw Manuka honey. I do not use any products base on it as I believe it dilute the effectiveness of the honey itself. I put the raw honey, as is, on the affected area. That place immediately feels better and the comfort last for as long the honey is there…it doesn't evaporate or get absorb like cream does. It actually acted like a seal of sort and the dermatitis finally disappeared. I have to see how effective this is long term, as now when I see my skin breaking out again, I applied the honey and it seem to stop the breakout dead in its track and it started healing immediately.

  26. My almost 3yrs son always suffers from cough & cold. I'm giving him 1tsp sidr Yemeni honey everyday. But don't notice any effect. Now I want to start manuka honey. Can u plz tell me, Upto which umf manuka honey is sufficient for him?

  27. It doesn’t work against Propionibacterium acnes so it’s not effective in acne treatment but might work on staph aureus

  28. With all these wonder cures on YouTube it is a wonder there are any diseases left. How many things can you chase at a give time?

  29. My friend has diverticulitis, which one should he have?
    Where do we order this?
    I’d like to get a newsletter from this company.
    I have major stomach issues,
    which one should I use # wise?
    Thank you. 🙏
    P.S. Can you also give us a recipe to use it. Thank!

  30. Bio active ranking for manuka honey is not real Manuka honey and the honey u are holding is banned by New Zealand government in 2016. When u buy Manuka honey you need to see if there is MGO ranking or UMFranking

  31. It’s said that true natural Manuka Honey won’t be sold as being above 16%. Apparently the 20+ % can only be achieved by boiling the raw honey. Which in turn might be taking away from some of the other active agents of the honey.

  32. If I have like scars on my face and forehead from pimples that I kept picking at, do u think applying this topically would help..? If so, how long should I leave it on?
    Since it’s SO expensive, I’d like to leave it on as long as possible… but it’d be nice to know, at what point does it become “too long” to where your not getting the benefits anymore.. or at least not as much? 🤔
    Thanks in advance !

  33. What are some ways to get rid of your acne problem? I read plenty of superb opinions on the internet about how Fopobiacne Secrets can assist you cure your acne naturally. Has anyone tested out this popular natural acne remedy?

  34. I agree with Dr Axe, I also recommend anyone with stomach issues to get Manuka Honey. Honey is healing my stomach and digestion. 😀

  35. Dr. Axe, What is the best brand you recommend ? What’s the difference between the numbers MGO and UMF written on the manuka packaging,at least that’s what I see at the one at Costco? Thanks

  36. I was infected with h pylori now after treatment and test my report came that I am free from pylori but still now i have some issue in my digestive system n also gastric problem can I take manuka honey.

  37. Hi, I have Api health manuka honey UMF 10+. Can this be given to toddlers age 4 and 5yrs. They have allergies and also tend to get sick very often. And if so what dosage.

  38. I had a tummy tuck 12 weeks ago and I have three spots that are still open. And using this to help heal things up do I put it directly on the incision or do I take it orally?

  39. Why does the raw honey have to be local ? I would have thought its location isn't relevant. My mum is in hospital with severe bowel infection (previously diagnosed as dead bowel and put on end of life care) They changed their mind and are trying antibiotics. What would be the ideal strength Manuka to use bearing in mind I am not that well off ?

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