Best Grow Room Conditions For Maximum Yield – Light (PAR), Temperature and Air (CO2)

hello and welcome to the Migro Youtube
channel my name is Shane and I’m the founder of Migro in this video we’re
going to look at what are the optimum conditions for your grow room to get the
best growth and maximum yield so plants of course need adequate water and
nutrients to grow healthily but photosynthesis which is the driver of
the plant growth it would be largely determined by the amount of light the
plant receives the amount of co2 the plant receives and also the temperature
of the environment which will determine the rate that the photosynthesis occurs
the data and the references that we’re using in this guide are taken from a
University study published in 2008 by scientist Suman Chandra which are
laboratory studies carried out on a high potency strain of cannabis sativa where
they looked at the influence of different temperatures light intensity
levels in par and co2 levels and the effect on plant growth so let’s look at
each of these in turn so first we look at the level of light intensity that the
plant is receiving and we’re talking about photosynthesis of course we’re
going to be talking about light in terms of the horticultural reference which is
par photosynthetically active radiation and at par levels up to 1500 micro moles
per meter square per second you can increase growth rates however it’s also
shown that once you get past around seven or eight hundred micro moles per
meter square per second the rate of growth that you get is not really worth
the amount of extra light energy that you’re having to input into the plant so
it’s generally accepted that around seven or eight hundred micro moles per
meter square per second is the best trade-off between getting maximum growth
and not having to use too much energy to get that growth and all the heat and
everything else that comes with it of course in this is for the flowering
stage in the vegging stage you would aim to get about 50
to those levels so somewhere in the region of about 300 350 micromoles per
meter square per second you can achieve this by getting your light fixture
reducing the output from your light fixture using a dimmer if you’re using a
number of fixtures by having the number of fixtures you are using or by just
raising it about one and a half to two times higher than its optimal hanging
height and this will reduce the intensity directly underneath the light
and reduce the light intensity for the vegging stage the optimum temperature
for plant growth was tested at two different light levels and sort of a
medium of medium and power intensity level of 500 micro moles per second and
then a very high level of attires and micro moles per second in both instances
the maximum plant growth rate occurred at 30 degrees Celsius and fall off
falls off quite significantly where five degrees above or below this temperature
of course all different strains are going to have have different
requirements and needs in terms of temperature our suggestion would be that
a safe band of temperature to operate in would be between 25 and 30 degrees
Celsius and you should get optimum growth and minimize the risk of
stressing your plants through to higher temperature finally we look at the
impact of different levels of co2 on Plank Road you can see the normal
atmospheric level of co2 is about 370 parts for a million this would be air
that you’d be taking into your grow room from the external environment ie fresh
air if you are replacing that fresh air regularly the general guidance for
circulating air range of grow room would be about 60 changes per error and if
you’re achieving this it’s highly likely that you’re maintaining that atmospheric
level of co2 in your grow room difficulty with using this system so
drawing fresh air in and expelling it out into
the atmosphere is it’s very hard to increase the co2 level because if you if
you input more co2 into the grow area it’s only gonna get drawn out just as
quickly and so it’s almost impossible to artificially raise co2 levels there are
a couple of ways of doing it you can enclose the environment so that the air
recirculates back into the grow room or is recirculated around the grow room and
you use a co2 sensor and some form of adding co2 some technologies such as co2
bags or burners or co2 tanks and you can use this to artificially elevate the co2
level in your grow room another method you could use is to use effectively
natural and free sources so we all expel out co2 when we’re breathing and
therefore in occupied buildings the co2 level is often raised as much as twice
the level of from the external atmosphere that this would be normal and
so if you can take air into your grow room from an occupied building so a
house or workplace you will most likely be bringing in elevated levels of co2
into your grow room which will increase the growth rate so I hope you have got
some useful information out of this guide if you have any questions or
queries please leave them in the comments below
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  1. Why does the flowering stage require less PAR than the veg state? Great post!!!! I have learned a lot here and going to purchase your light set up. Semper Fi…

  2. I'm pretty sure you can fill a 10×10' room with CO2 and it would take a good 8 hours for the plants to lower those levels to atmospheric. You don't NEED to remove entire room volume every minute… thats required in a lab/clean room maybe… not around some plants I don't think. Mine seem to grow fine anyway with just a few full exchanges of air per day… then I can keep CO2 high in that area for a good 8 hours a day.

  3. Co2 is heavier than Oxygen. If you have a tent with extra Co2, could you put the inlet at the bottom and the outlet at the top and successfully raise Co2 levels while still bringing in new air since it would be pushing the lighter oxygen out first?

  4. Do you have any advice on maintaining these relatively high temperatures in cool climates? It seems impossible to heat air (cost)effectively when you're expelling it once a minute.
    When you do recirculate air, say your intake and output are connected to the same indoors and heated room, would that not cause harm or stress to the plants by lack of actual fresh air?

  5. AWESOME VIDEO!!! Thanks for this. I am in the process of my first grow with Cloudponics, check it out on my channel if interested I posted some videos. Again, great video. Thank you!

  6. Vpd is important when your pushing temps upwards of 30c. If you have 40% humidity and using co2 ill bet my lunch that your wasting a vast amount of co2. Getting humidity up to 60-65% is needed with 30c temps…

  7. You can get CO2 by mixing up some jail hooch (juice, sugar, yeast) and just crack the cap a little, keep the hooch around your plants while it is fermenting. The yeast will eat the sugar and produce CO2 and leave you some good tasting alcohol beverages also!

  8. lol this guy swallows so hard he has to cut and edit how the scenes switch so people stop noticing it.. "However….GULP….you cant hide it…GULP…its absolutely ridiculous…GULP…How hard this guy….GULP….swallows all the time. Advice….move the microphone to somewhere you cant here you gulp your spit every 10 seconds..its so gross and distracting. I cant even pay attention to what is being taught….i just sit there and count how many times he GULPS!!!

  9. you said nothing about VPD. It's critical! Also impossible to manage if you're doing 60 air exchanges per hour

  10. Greetings,very informative, can you please translate micro modes provided, for instance, 700 -800 micro modes in layman terms. Thanks

  11. hi there bud i like your cob light they really rock . my question tho is this , so i hear that hid ballsts will run MH or HPS or some ballasts will run both . but what if ur ballast is for a metal halide bulb and u put a hps bulb in it instead but then the hps bulb seems to work ok . is this still ok to do or would i be pissing in the wind ?? thanks migro

  12. Intaking air from inside an occupied building might be good during light time but sure it is bad during dark time. The best balance comes to intake from outside no matter what the outside conditions are. If you you have your room/tent set up properly it will autoregulate easily.

  13. So say I'm flowering at 800 par but I have autos and I'm flowering on a 20 hr light schedule would I need to decrease the par because of the extra time or does it not matter does anyone know?

  14. In a growbox ,how many hours do we have to keep the fan and the light switch on?

    If anyone know please let me know the accurate hours of each

  15. So my room is sealed and I keep the co2 anywhere form 1000 -1200 I thinking maybe 1500 when going from veg to bud. With a Humboldt indica strain. They seem to be loving it. Would u raise or lower co2 respectively? Nice vid. Thanks

  16. You failed to give us what CO2 number is the maximum the plant can process. I've seen reports of 1200 ppm that claim above that is frivolous. Does this agree with your research or experiences?

  17. Why does the plant need less light for veg then to flower?
    In nature it world receive more light in summer then it would get going into flowering in the fall.
    Am I missing something?

  18. A question: In a closed environment with plants, does raised levels of CO2, in itself, lower air temperature? This provided the input light energy is constant. Thanks!

  19. Thank you so much for presenting data. Most of the grow guides on you tube also give great info but without the data its hard to make informed decisions on how to fix your grow.

  20. Great video. I want to do a test of ambient c02 vs c02 levels in a living space ie bedroom/house/apartment. I wonder if the increase in c02 would be significant enough to benefit the plant or if it would be negligible.

  21. the sounds youre mouth makes while talking are nasty asf. Please finally drink something so we dont have to hear that torture. I still love youre videos

  22. you can make beer near de growing tent with the fermentator blowoff dropping Co2 into the indoor ..then you can drink your own beer and smoke your own weed

  23. Finally 😂 Celsius man these Americans have everything in Fahrenheit then ppm not ecc ?? If a video is informative both should be mentioned _ But I like the co2 idea cause it's true co2 is in occupied buildings higher peace

  24. Weird…why is it plants produce the best results when CO2 levels are higher? It's almost like this entire "Global Warming" agenda is to just kill off organic farmers.

  25. I have a co2 tank and controller in my tent. I exhaust my tent with an in-line fan into the room. I have no problem keeping my co2 1200-1500, but s 10lb tank lasts me less than a week $$$

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