Biodynamic agriculture – La Chacra D´dago

My father Dagoberto Marin, was a conventional farmer for more than 50 years never reaching sustainability In 2006 he learned about biodynamic agriculture and it was like a new awakening This is his work. Because we already stopped producing food and feeling proud The lifecycle of our coffee starts at the nursery the little plant emerges from the soil our soil the plant takes at least 3 years to start producing and then the harvest begins: the gathering of the beans These are put into the syphon to distinguish between good and bad beans the ripe ones sink to the bottom and the underdeveloped and overripe ones float Through a vacuum system the cherries are transferred to the de-pulpers to separate the pulp from the beans afterwards the beans are transported to fermenting tanks where they are fermented between 15 and 25 hours Finally the beans are washed to take of all remaining mucilage. Finishing this process the coffee is pre-dried in the sun for 8 hours a day reducing the humidity to 15% Finally the coffee is dried in mechanical driers at a temperature between 35 and 45 degrees Celsius to 12% humidity which is the standard for coffee that is to be exported All these phases the coffee goes through end up converting farming in a pure search for a market to get a pay transforming into a sad intent to produce more to get more never understanding anything in the meantime the quality goes down, profitability goes up playing with life because food is that: it is life! It influences like nothing else, in every aspect of you economically, psychologically, physically and one gets caught in this mercantile world, blind and enslaved Biodynamic agriculture gives you a motive to understand who you are and your relationship with everything Biodynamic agriculture is a new awakening Our coffee fields are the sum of fertility in symbiosis with harmony like pruning to renew plants, management of shade and light for a balanced production The presence of bees is proof if this, the harmony as a manifestation of fertility respect for the order of things and the activities of each of them reciprocal cycle of plants are a sign of that, because the existing biodiversity is not a parasite of our production but a way to find harmony between our coffee fields and the environment that surrounds us that same biodiversity is abundance why eradicate it if you can work together? The plots, our fields are a living organism everything in it is for us and our collaborators, on our mission to recuperate the fertility of our soil The farm always tries to be more self-sustainable we have fish ponds, guinea pigs, chickens, nurseries and organic recycling of all these sources add to our compost heaps Fruit, timber and medicinal trees represent a mineral source for the soil and at the same time continuously provide food and resources for all Biodynamic agriculture is harmonizing, using the universe’s energy in relationship to all And this combined with fertility gives us nourishment food with harmony How can you believe there is only one way to live how? The other day while walking I read a phrase on a big wall of old bricks that said we live amongst deaf people that play dumb with the excuse we live amongst deaf people that play dumb, with the excuse that they did what they coul Biodynamic agriculture means to feel the world and all the life and energy that is wrapped around it; we are a generation that has to get involved in the ‘awakening


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