Building bee hive lids

it’s cheap homesteading here in today’s
the day I’m gonna start making my be equipment I decided I’m gonna make a
series of videos on how I make my be equipment because the equipments so
expensive it’s basically the biggest limiting factor in people decided to
beekeeper not four years ago I went from four hives to 50 now and I would not
have been able to do that if I purchased all the equipment so I calculated it up
and it was gonna cost me put twelve thousand dollars in equipment to get to
where I am now and that’s crazy you didn’t even make one dime yet so
basically I used scrap wood bought the wood I had to purchase and I built all
my equipment and my B operation is up and running and it really didn’t cost me
a tenth of that so let’s start the whole thing about beekeeping is you got to
make all the equipment the same you got to make sure that it’s interchangeable
because if you don’t that just turns into a nightmare when you’re making a
split and you’ve carried all the equipment out to the beard and then the
lid doesn’t fit or the base or frame so you really have to make sure that it is
all interchangeable okay so we’re gonna go get some wood and release most of
what I use from a beehives are old pallets I do buy wood to make the boxes
because hard to get ten boards in a pallet okay so it looks like it’s seven
eight and luckily enough this is exactly seven eight so I am just going to have
to cut the dimension so this is one and a half inches to set my fence the one
five inches that should be it no takers I might’ve saw okay so we got
the lid we’re gonna measure the two bags so 22 inches
is my length so we’re gonna make 22 if I was making a whole bunch more all at
once I would I would make a jig so I can just
keep ripping them out very quickly but today we’re just gonna make a couple
lids ok so now I’m going to measure the
inside piece and that’s 17 in so America please of short one that’s always the way okay
now we’re gonna cut the plywood so what I need is a piece of plywood that will
cover 18 and 3/4 so one way I found you do this and it should be 18 jacket 18
and 3/4 that’s great so this is plywood left over from making
my be wintering boxes okay so now I have to cut the length and
by the way the length is 22 and a quarter inches but it’s important to
keep tap less because it’s kind of nice you can just put the other piece up
against it measured if you don’t know what size it is now I got all my pieces cut out I’m
gonna assemble it I normally use my crown stapler just to put it all
together and then I can go back and nail it because crown staples aren’t very big
and I wouldn’t trust using them to physically hold your lids together for a
good length of time because eventually a little rot out pretty much for sure I
use the crown stapler hold it all together and then I go around a nail
that with some some more substantial nails my final stapler does not like the
temperature in my garage so I am NOT going would you fight with it so I’m
gonna do use nails right from the square one okay so it’s really important use
your long ones on the side and you put that on top and your small ones go in
the middle or however you decide to measure it make sure you don’t put the
other way it definitely won’t fit okay so make sure you put the long ones on
the side the little one in the middle and I’ll just nail it together you know
it’s truly amazing the causas equipment like some stuff you do need to purchase
because it’s just not worth all that time and you only have so much time a
lot of people work and to work and run a fairly extensive business it takes some
juggling and it takes looking at the situation as saying well that’s not
worth it to me to make even though I can make it so sometimes you just gotta do
it you got to do to get things done okay pick your best side of your plywood
because you want the water to run off not cool you don’t want like knots and
holes where water can pool up then just nail it up
I got these nails at a garage sale and you know what garage sales are great
places to pick up hardware like nails and that because people don’t really see
value in nails but nails are very expensive to purchase so whenever you
see it you pick it up you can get that four-way way chief I got all these nails
in a bucket it was a sitting under a bench and I can’t remember exactly but I
probably didn’t then like two bucks for whole pail and nails and I’ve used it
for all kinds of projects basically my beekeeping stuff like lids and bottom
boards and all that that’s basically what I’ve been using to assemble and
I’ve had to purchase all those nails that would be a bit of money so you just
got to keep the costume in little ways so there you go I got one lid done I got
49 to go so have a good one


  1. Thanks for the video, I am interested in keeping bees some day and will be looking forward to your series.

  2. Gotta have bees. Without the bees hows the garden suppose to grow?
    Thank you four4 the service you provide to us farmers.

  3. I have been keeping bees for three years now and the store bought box with two coat of paint are all ready rotting in spots will be building them from now on. Good video.

  4. Nothing is worse than a box or lid that isn't square. I wish I had the tools to make all my own equipment. I've made a couple of outer covers, but not much else. Great video. Now is the perfect time to be building hive equipment. Think spring!

  5. I have a neighbor who provides me w/ honey…Now, that's a good video…makes me want to start my own bee hives.

  6. I'm trying to get into beekeeping so I am trying to build my hive but I'm young so I don't have a lot of money to spend so I'm building it out of 2×4 I got for free from my school.

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