Building decking on the homestead — part 2

hi there nice that you’re here in this
video we’ll get the decking almost done and install a door and stairs so don’t
go anywhere hi everybody
this is Andres from off grid Sweden if you haven’t been here before I want to
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the topic of this video I continue to build the railing a lot of pieces to cut
and join but I had some help from both my son and daughter to finish the
railing then we started with the door again my
brother-in-law and his family came and helped us this is a really different angle of the
kitchen door went in without the problem and we use the code handle to lock the
door so this is the almost finished decking
we will add a wall behind the barbecue and small roof over it but then it’s fun it’s good that we were starting to get
finished with this project because the weather didn’t want to cooperate any
longer so now as soon as the rain stops we can sit and eat outside it’s a good place to stand and watch the
kids when they are driving the eight we with a castle and if you don’t like to
watch them you can always watch a bird on visit that’s it for this episode
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  1. Really enjoyed this series about the decking and it was nice to see your kids take part and eager to participate and learn. I subscribed a while ago but for some reason have been a bit shy about commenting until now. Just as an FYI, I think in the playlist for the decking, the videos need to possibly be swapped so that they play in the order 1 & 2 vs 2 & 1? 🙂

  2. How nerve racking was it cutting a hole in your wall? The door to the deck from the kitchen is going to be nice!I really like the railing

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